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Dear Friends,

This year is already speeding up…….

It is hard to believe that by the time you read this brief update, February 2014 will be quickly coming to a close!  The board of Firstlight would like to thank you all for your faithfulness, sacrifices and support in prayer and donations.

We want to assure you that 100% of your financial support is used to cover the costs of broadcasting, associated costs or for specific projects you have earmarked the funds to cover.  The Board members join all of you in supporting Firstlight as dedicated volunteers who cheerfully give their time and finances to keep Firstlight on air presenting the Everlasting Gospel and the undiluted 3 Angels Messages without compromise to New Zealand.

Exciting news to share!

Firstlight is now officially an ASI International member!
ASI LogoFor those who may not know ASI, we recommend that you visit their website where you can learn more about this dynamic organisation whose full title is: Adventist-Laymen’s Service and Industries.  Their mission as stated on their website is ‘Sharing Christ in the Marketplace.’There will be many benefits from being part of a sisterhood of self-supporting independent ministries worldwide, in particular, having preferred access to a large pool of suitable excellent, high quality, well produced broadcast material and resources.   I like ASI’s statement on their website: ‘On Our Own We May Accomplish Very Little, But Together We May Reach the World.’   Permit me to modify this wonderful mission statement to reflect our own collective mission in New Zealand: ‘On Our Own We May Accomplish Very Little, But Together We May Reach All of New Zealand.’

More supporters needed please….. 

We are thankful and thrilled with the level of support we are receiving, however, it is timely  to remind everyone that we still need an additional 1,850 faithful supporters making regular, ongoing, tax deductable donations of say, $35 a month to cover our monthly broadcasting fees.  This works out at only $8.75 per week as an ongoing tax deductable donation.  It does not get better than that!!
By any reckoning, Firstlight is the most cost effective outreach to ever happen in New Zealand.  It enables you to reach your family, friends, neighbours, other churches, and almost all of New Zealand with the undiluted 3 Angels Messages without compromise!  At present the board members and certain dear souls, as they are moved by the Holy Spirit to make very generous lump sum donations, have been making up the monthly shortfalls.
God Bless all our financial supporters!  Our only prayer is for many more of them!

Please, please, ask your family and friends to support Firstlight if they are not already doing so.  We are pleading for this support to come while there is still a time of peace, plenty and freedom – we don’t know how much longer we have before this opportunity disappears!  $8.75 a week from 1,850 new supporters will sow seeds for eternity for New Zealand and make this ‘do-able’ for everyone.

Surely Jesus will say to each one of us one day,‘” I Gave My Life For You, What Did You Give For Me?’

Moving on….
We are indebted to Wellspring TV (Napier) for their untiring and dedicated efforts in getting the technical side of Firstlight underway and operative.  We sincerely thank them for their technical team which has supported Firstlight these past 18 months.  In this time Firstlight has grown to the point where it now needs to have its own technical office and technical team.

Also, late last year, the Wellspring technical team were approached by another organisation to work on various Church outreach projects to the Pacific Islands later this year.

Providentially and by God’s wonderful grace some of the necessary equipment for a Firstlight technical office had already been gifted to Firstlight.  Not only that, but God has also provided a donor to fund the creation and ongoing costs of a dedicated Firstlight office and technical team.  We are still working out some of the finer details but are very excited about this new opportunity for Firstlight.

Various locations are being considered and we are actively…

  • seeking workers who have excellent computer and technical skills preferably with good hands on experience in video editing or a good technical foundation to allow specialised training in this area. 

Applicants would need to be willing to re-locate if necessary and will preferably have a willingness to work alongside and to train others in a small dedicated team.  Preference will be given to those with suitable qualifications and experience in all tasks associated with the preparation of content for broadcasting on a national television station.  If you are interested and have the skills we are seeking please email your CV to:

Firstlight is determined to do its best to present our Lord’s message of mercy and grace while time lingers a little longer.  As one of our wise board members recently put it:

  • Diagnosis: Some challenges and difficulties humanly speaking.
  • Treatment: Prayer, divine wisdom and work and continued total dependence and confidence in the Divine Physician.
  • Prognosis: Excellent recovery and a healthy future with continued dependence on the divine hand to succeed.

Positive feedback continues to come in – here are some of the most recent comments…

“I am really blessed by the peaceful worship scenery. The teaching is good, too. My relationship with God is greatly helped. I pray that many NZ people will find joy and peace through Jesus, watching Firstlight.” Emailed to us by “Jonathan.”

“We found you on the TV at the Motel we were staying at.  My son found it and told me and I love it.  I love your TV station.  Well done and God bless you, I know He has….I have told a number of people about Firstlight and how good it is.”  Received in a handwritten letter from “BB”

Because of you, many seeds of the Gospel have been sown in New Zealand in 2013.
With your help, in 2014 we will:

  • Upgrade our internet website
  • Continue to broadcast via Freeview and Internet streaming
  • Scour worldwide for relevant Bible based content and programming
  • Promote even more Bible studies including a new Children’s studies series
  • Direct viewers to ministries and churches where they can be fed spiritually
  • Offer relevant, free DVD’s and books at key times of the year
  • Increase local content from gifted Kiwi and Aussie speakers
  • Continue to transform even more lives!

Thank you all…
for your love, prayers, gifts, sacrifices and support.  Please continue to uphold Firstlight in your prayers as we make the exciting transition to our very own technical office.

May God bless you wonderfully this year.

On behalf of the Firstlight Board,

Mike Dutt
Firstlight Broadcasting Network

PS:   If you are excited by all this great news, please forward this email to your family and friends and invite them to join our database?  They can do this very easily by visiting our website and signing up to receive our newsletters.

ReminderPPS:   A gentle reminder to you if you are one of those we contacted during 2012 and asked if you would communicate the contents of these emails to those on your list who do not have a computer or access to email.  Please phone the contacts on your list and tell them all this exciting news.  Thanks so much for your help in keeping our lines of communication with everyone nice and strong.  God bless!

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