Seizing Opportunities by Faith

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A Japanese Fisherman Caught by Jesus

Hi Everyone,

This is Kimi Kurihara and my family and I are working for Jesus as volunteers in a small island of Japan called Tsushima. Since we came here, God has opened the new door to spread the Gospel to those who never heard of Christ Jesus in the island.

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Guyana Aviation Maintenance Update

It was quickly apparent that this plane needed more (time and money) than we were willing to invest in it. In December we began praying for clarity. Why did we go all the way to Tennessee? What were we supposed to do?

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“You Just Showed Up Out of Nowhere!”

“The police checkpoint isn’t letting anyone through today because of elections” Damaris was the second person to inform me.

So, Lord, where should we go? I thought. Please send your angels to guide us to people who are hungry for truth today.

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