Seizing Opportunities by Faith

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Uncle David’s Frontline Mission Report

Do you become easily discouraged by difficult circumstances or by a lack of resources? Consider who your Heavenly Father is, and how “He has placed all the treasures of heaven at our disposal.”

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The Spring of Health Lifestyle Center -Serbia

Our dear friends,

As some of you may know, for the past year, we have been busy working on a new lifestyle center in Serbia. The Lord has blessed us with an amazing property, nestled in just the right spot, with an orchard, spring water, a large house, root cellar, and an additional building unit that could be converted into housing.

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Guyana Mission Report: Putting My Feet in the Water

Nearly twelve years ago when I embarked on my dream of becoming a missionary pilot, it never occurred to me that someday the Lord might lead me to fly an aircraft on and off of the water. In my humble (but narrow minded) opinion, water-based airplanes were plum dangerous and I had zero interest whatsoever of ever piloting a sea plane.

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