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Uncle David’s Message

Lift Up Your Heads – by David Gates

Do you become easily discouraged by difficult circumstances or by a lack of resources? Consider who your Heavenly Father is, and how “He has placed all the treasures of heaven at our disposal.” (TDG318). It is true that difficult days are ahead, but they are for everyone. Without God, the burden would be almost too heavy to bear. We have so much to be thankful for, and we must share that good news with those who struggle alone or in darkness. It is His joy to save the lost and Jesus came that His joy might become ours as well (John 15:11).

If your Joy-Meter is low, or you want to fill it more, then join Jesus in sacrificial giving to save the lost. Put your time, influence and resources to work in His cause and your Joy-Meter will be filled. The fastest way to deplete your joy is to focus on yourself and your own future. Join the ranks of the joyful by giving your all to the Lord. When you see the results and feel God’s approval, your joy will be full and difficult to contain. My meter is full today. May yours be also.  

From the Frontlines, 

Uncle David

Mission News Around the World

Gospel Workers 2014

Gospel Worker 2014 Christian Foundation is working in the Hungarian city of Székesfehérvár. Its founder and director is a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. We are currently helping poor families, by the collection and distribution of offerings and food. We’ve experienced a miracle a day. People volunteer their time and help collect and deliver food. Please pray that the Lord further strengthens our faith and for more people like this to help us with this task in the late hours of the day as well as people with cars who could help with logistics. We want to reach more people by giving out books on the streets.  We are planning a colourful A4 size, 12-page magazine, hoping to print 10,000 copies per month in which we’d like to cover subjects like: health advice, kids’ education, spiritual encouragement, Bible explanations and more. Support the program even with the smallest amount!

  1. We need a small car for food deliveries. On the road price including insurance is EUR 2000.

  2. Monthly petrol expenses: EUR 150.

  3. Bookkeeping, administration, monthly foundation upkeep: EUR 100.

  4. We would like to employ 2 full time people, a main staff member and an assistant. Gross pay would make EUR 700 and EUR 600 respectively.

UniCredit Bank: 10918001-00000073-33950013

IBAN: HU21      


El Madai – Train up a Child…

Nearly three years ago Arturo and Tania started the ministry Elda Madai located in a beautiful mountainous region of Mexico where live two classes of people, the ranchers and the indigenous people.  Our ministry focuses on providing assistance to the most needy in the areas of health and education.  The region we are in is nationally one of the neediest areas.  The community where we live is divided into two parts, evangelical Christians and the larger part is Catholic. 

We currently live in a rented house and we work as full time missionary pioneers to both classes.  All the people who live in the area are relatives or acquaintances of relatives.  We are the first people in the history of the town to live there without any family link to the area.  They had reservations about us at first: Christians who didn’t pray in unknown languages and who keep the Sabbath as a Holy day of rest. Thank God, through missionary work over time, things have changed and we have a very good relationship with the people.

A few days ago, we finished our first Summer Bible Course which took place in the community where we are living.  We were pleasantly surprised when a Catholic lady lent us her entire house for more than a week.  She made us feel as though it was our home.  It was God’s providence because about 20 children from different communities attended and learned about the Adventist message, the true Sabbath, how Jesus loves them and cares about them and children’s songs. 

We invited the parents to the closing ceremony, but thought they would not attend.  Many parents were criticized because their children were in a Bible study with Christians, but thanks to God, as their little ones returned home every day from class very happy, they decided to come to the ceremony.  To the honor and glory of God they witnessed a shocking testimony seeing their children singing and praising God.

We had a beautiful meeting with food and a presentation of the work their little ones had done.  At the end, the parents and children insisted that we continue to teach and share the word with them and that is when we realized that the Holy Spirit had already began to work in their hearts.  Some of them have begun to ask about the truths of the Bible, including the lady who owned the house.  We are very grateful for this ministry because it has already begun to bear fruit, all to the honor and glory of God.

Our dream is to have our own land in that area in order to build an Adventist church, a health clinic, and a boarding school.  We ask for your prayers that God will provide what is necessary for this ministry to advance.  God bless you, Arturo and Tania.

GMI’s New Projects

Baraka Mexico TV

God moved Dr. Roger Vargas Avanto’s heart to sell his lab and make a special donation for His cause in Mexico.  In February 2012, Dr. Vargas met Pastor David Gates, who came to Mexico to ratify their covenant with God to win all souls of this country to the Creator.

Mexico is one of the most idolatrous countries in the world whether from cultural habit, ignorance, or spiritual deception.  God doesn’t want Mexican citizens serving the enemy and our desire is to cooperate with God’s will so that these precious souls will hear the truth and serve Him only.

For over 20 years, a television station in Mexico has not gone to market, but the project in mind was to ask for an open television channel (non-commercial) in Mexico and God provides!  Through the answered prayer of Israel Cruz, in March 2013, Pr. David Gates had an interview with the authorities of COFETEL the Federal Telecommunications Commission.

By faith, the Directive of Baraka Mexico Civil Association was formed for the project and together with David Gates, we started the application to enter the bidding for a television network. The financial requirement was more than 400 million dollars, but God, in His infinite love, had prepared a sizeable down payment from a donor in Asia which was accepted by COFETEL.

It’s been almost 4 long years of waiting and paperwork.  The new network owners will be decided in October 2016 by a bidding war between us and other cultural, social and religious organizations. However, in the name of the Lord of hosts we claim the victory and know that ours will be the winning bid! With that conviction in mind we are moving forward by faith and have invited to Mexico, Ramon Hernandez, an engineer from Puerto Rico.  He has set out to investigate the best office locations in Mexico to handle everything related to telecommunications and to begin all necessary paperwork.  

By God’s grace, we have taken the first difficult steps to compete for this TV channel in Mexico and we will see how our Creator works tirelessly for the Tapatía Pearl (City of Guadalajara) one of the most difficult and idolatrous cities in Mexico.  Our confidence and struggles are placed in the eyes of Jesus, for Whom nothing is impossible.  We leave the spiritual and financial support, available to the Lord, in your hearts.  Mexico cannot remain in the bondage of idolatry. It’s time for God to set them free.

FrontlinesTV is a new broadcasting channel that is a part of the Gospel Ministries International (GMI) family of ministries. It’s the mission of FrontlinesTV to engage, encourage and bring awareness of mission work opportunities to young people. Every young person has an essential, God-given role to perform in helping to fulfill the Great Commission. From our studios in Tennessee we will reach every inhabitable continent via Internet, IPTV, iPhone/Android/Tablet apps, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. FrontLinesTV studios will be producing content in English and Spanish.

We are in the first stages of creating and launching FrontLinesTV.  A few of our current projects are: completing a green screen for future programming, a website, apps, gathering content and setting up video infrastructure.  We have also enlisted Luis Haen who will be our foreign correspondent going into the mission fields and reporting the needs and triumphs that the Lord brings from the front lines.  More importantly we are praying that the Lord will bring workers to the FrontLinesTV studio.  We need video editors, graphic designers, app developers, web developer and camera men/women.  We are also prayerfully planning to enlist collegiate volunteers to assist us in various aspects of FrontLinesTV.

FrontLinesTV has the unique opportunity to not only raise awareness of the needs of missions, but in partnership with GMI’s volunteers’ website, be able to place qualified individuals in these positions.  We invite you to join us in prayer over the many needs of FrontLinesTV, the few current volunteers as well as the future volunteers and for the Lord’s continued clear guidance.  If you would like to participate in giving a monetary gift please mark FrontLinesTV at: www.gospelministry.org/donations

New GMI Volunteers

Jorge Ruiz Caro & Family

My name is Jorge Ruiz Caro, my wife of 12 years is Carolina Berrio and we have two daughters Eliana and Daniela.  We are active members of the church and love supporting projects that are in the field and where more help is needed. 

I personally love to study the prophecies in the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy and share that material with the church. I wanted to serve God using my knowledge of the web and internet.  My wife and I listened to the sermons from Pastor David Gates and entered the site gmivolunteers and chatted. 

That’s where it began, by first helping with the gmivolunteers site for several months. At the network, I am now in charge of projects in web and internet systems. My first project has to implement a new web portal for Advenir and support systems with other Web projects in GMI such as gmivolunteers.org and gospelministry.org websites. I will also see the transmission part of internet TV networks using YouTube and other platforms.

As a family, we wanted to go to the countryside to fulfill the call of God through His prophet and follow the footsteps of many cases in the Bible such as John the Baptist, Enoch and Elijah. We had a time limit to decide the place, which was April 30, 2016.  That same day Babi called asking us to come to Santa Cruz. Although Peru has beautiful places to live in the countryside, God called us here and we are here!

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