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ELDA MADAÍ Newsletter August-September 2017 Spanish/English

On September 18 of this year, Tania and I (Arturo) traveled to the city of Querétaro, Qro. since the next day we would travel to Mexico City, later on the morning of the 20th, to pick up the new missionary who is a Doctor and who will accompany us for a few months in the ministry.

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With so many voices in the world today, where can we turn to find the truth? How can we know God’s will and guard against Satan’s deceptions? Does it really matter what we believe?

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Tsushima Volunteer Mission Report – August 2017

This month we invited Pastor Kaoru Inoue, a former gang member of Yakuza to a special lecture in the summer evangelism program and asked him to talk about his own experiences. The theme was “You can start over again your life in Jesus”.

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Uncle David’s August Frontlines Report

Standing at the pulpit, in the middle of my sermon, I saw him run through the church door. “Quick, a tree has fallen on a man from a neighboring village breaking his legs and injuring his abdomen. Please bring the plane and take him to the hospital,” he said.

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My Long Journey To Becoming A Mission Pilot – by Lincoln Gomez

Seventeen years ago, little did I dream that I would be flying over the jungles of my own country, Guyana. I was baptized when I was nine years old into the Paruima Seventh- Day Adventist church but after several years of several years of studying in the capital city, Georgetown; I gradually strayed from God’s will and way.

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Plane #2 Down

The past few months have been challenging but rewarding. In May we had the privilege of visiting and helping with some other mission aviation projects in Indonesia, and while we were there we attended a Medical Missionary Summit put on by Southern Asia-Pacific Division’s health department.

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ELDA MADAÍ Newsletter June 2017 Spanish/English

The cover of this Newsletter contains an image of the lands that the ministry is still paying with the help of God. The image caught our attention because it reminds us of the Psalmist, how he, through nature came to have a deeper understanding about God, and it is in these last months working in the lands that We better understand God’s plan for his children by living and working in the missionary field.

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BMMC: Summer Report

The weekend of June 30th to July 3rd, 2017 was a memorable one for the Bethany Village and more directly the Bethany Medical Missionary College located up the Supenaam Creek, Region 2.

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Frontline Gospel Support – Summer 2017

We have been in need of a vehicle in Santa Cruz for quite some time to carry students, patients, volunteers, and supplies to various places. So, we started looking into what it will take to purchase a car.

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