Seizing Opportunities by Faith

Mission Stories

Tsushima Volunteer Mission Report – June 2017

Dear sister and brother in Christ, Hello everyone!! Thank you so much for your prayers and support every month for our ministry in Japan. We have much to be thankful for what you have done for us. God opened a new door this month again to let people know about the love of Jesus. As…

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“Mission Send Me”

Bibles and medicines arrive in Mamore River A phone call to Beni, an area where is the Mamore River is, caused me decide to suspend the trip. The call had alerted me that there was rain every day, that river had grown a lot, that roads were almost impossible to transit, and that bus costs…

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Felipe of the Mountains

Well the adventure never ends! SO much has happened in the last few months, and so little updating that I am just going to have to pick and choose to show and tell, and I choose FELIPE! I am going to take you on an adventure with me to the mountains of the Bolivian Highlands…

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Uncle David’s February Frontline Report

During the last two weeks I had the privilege of working in Colombia and Ecuador. What beautiful geography they have. Colombians are known for being very courteous and Ecuadorians for keeping their word.

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Front Line Gospel Support – Winter Report

We arrived in Bolivia last Friday afternoon after an all-night flight from Guyana and very little sleep since leaving Puerto Rico. We were able to get things unloaded out of the airplane and settled in before the Sabbath.

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Guyana Mission Report: I Just Can’t Wait…

After getting my sea plane rating in Florida, I was riding on an emotional high. Everything was clicking along beautifully, and I was ready to fly commercially up to Chattanooga Tennessee, spend a short week at Gospel Ministries International, wrapping everything up loose ends with Todd’s Plane, and then fly it down to Guyana.

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