Seizing Opportunities by Faith

Ministry Area:Aviation

Suriname Aviation Support

I am from the Netherlands but I’m in Bolivia to be trained as a missionary pilot so that I can work in the mission field in Suriname. While I am in Bolivia I will be supporting RedAvenir. RedAdvenir has multiple ministries like Medical Aviation, School, Orphanage, Prison Ministry, Television and Radio Programmes. You can find…

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Guyana Indigenous Aviation

GAMAS is a faith-based organization whose mission is to carry the good news of salvation to Guyana and the world through the use of mainly aviation and medical ministry. GAMAS began with airplane pilot/mechanic and Nurse David Gates before the year 2000 whose passion is to spread the gospel through medical aviation and media ministries.…

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Preparing for Missionary Service

After being here and experiencing the culture and mission challenges first hand, there are some valuable tips we would like to share with you to prepare you for this exciting adventure.

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All in God’s Hands

By Dwayne Harris
It is Wednesday again, one week since being shot. On Monday the EENT Doc removed the balloon and drain tube from my sinus and the chest specialist doctor was just here and removed my chest drainage tube today as well as the staples in my chest. My body is now free […]

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First Mission Flight

I pray that this email finds you all blessed and excited about the times in which we live. Even with all the challenges the world is facing at this time, we can have confidence that Jesus is interceding on behalf of God’s people. I recently experienced an example of answered prayer and I am compelled to share […]

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