First Mission Flight

I pray that this email finds you all blessed and excited about the times in which we live. Even with all the challenges the world is facing at this time, we can have confidence that Jesus is interceding on behalf of God’s people. I recently experienced an example of answered prayer and I am compelled to share my testimony with you to the Glory of God. More then five years ago now, in the privacy of my bedroom, there in Westmoreland, TN. I knelt next to my bed and asked Jesus to make me a missionary. You are aware that He answered that prayer three years ago, but I had also requested that he allow me the honor of serving as a missionary pilot as well.

Almost one year ago now Jesus answered part of that prayer by providing the resources for me to complete flight training to become a private pilot here in the Philippine Islands. Last week on Nov. 9th, Jesus fully answered that prayer and allowed me to finally use the skill he had provided to fly my first mission to the small Muslim Island of Mapun. This island is located in Tawi Tawi south of Palawan next to Malaysia. I flew there with Mission Pilot Ed Brennon of AWA (Adventist World Aviation) and two other missionaries, to servey the Island and meet with some Adventist missionaries operating a school on the island. During our visit I was able to visit the Major and his officers, and the local hospital as well. While visiting the hospital, I learned of a 23 year old young man that had been in a serious motorcycle accident the night before we arrived. He was bleeding from his ears and head, along with multiple injuries from sliding on the road after his crash. It appeared that the head trauma was very serious and that his condition was grave. The P.A.M.A.S. missionary that was with me (Roy Reyes) asked me to pray, using Muslim phrases in the name of Isa Al Ma ( Jesus ) so I raised my hands in prayer and asked Jesus to spare the life of the boy so that the Muslims would know that He sent us, and that He may be glorified among them.
After our prayer we offered to fly the boy to the Adventist hospital in Palawan where much better treatment could be provided, and the family, touched by our generosity, agreed that we would life flight him to Puerto Princesa. The flight was nearly two hours over open water (a personal first for me in a single engine airplane) back to the international airport in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. As soon as we arrived we we’re challenged with getting the young man transported off the tarmac to the hospital. The tower had given clearence for us to bring a ambulance in to get the boy out of the plane, but the guards did not want to comply because a commercial airplane was also present on the tarmac. More then one hour later the transport van was allowed in to the parking area where the plane was waiting with our patient. I then climbed into the cockpit to lift the young man out of the back seat and onto a stretcher. As I began to arrange his head so I could get a hold on him, he turned and opened his eyes and looked at me. He then turned to see what was going on, then proceeded to climb out of the plane on his own power. I started to try and stop him, but he was already committed and climbed out and laid down on the stretcher. Ed and I looked at each other with amazement. “Praise Jesus” I cried in front of the puzzled paramedics and the even more surprised relative of the Muslim boy who had traveled with us to care for his injured family. “We did pray did we not”? Ed agreed and we praised the Lord for allowing us to witness such a demonstration of His power. The young man was released a couple days later with a clean bill of health and has returned to his island with a testimony of his own.
Its so good to be part of the family of God! A great door has now opened to these Muslim people of Mapun. Pray for the school and missionaries that are working in that remote place. I also praise God that I experience nothing but kindness from the people of that island. it is known for being a dangerous outpost for Muslim rebels and radicals. in the past when Ed had visited the island he was escorted everywhere by the military. For some strange reason there was no escort for me, and I’m glad because it allowed me to talk with people without guns being involved. God was clearly in control of the entire trip. I hope this story encourages you to spend more time in prayer. Jesus is in control. And if He is for us, who can stand against us? Thank you for your prayers and support.
Danny Henson
(Coordinator, Bible Worker, and Pilot for PAMAS Palawan)