Reaping the Harvest

Thank you so much for your prayers and support for the recent evangelistic meetings held by our team in Palawan! We praise God for the 36 baptisms! These are a result of many months of bible studies and medical outreach in the surrounding areas. A dental outreach in several villages was also held right before the meetings began (See pictures below). Read this inspiring report about the nightly adventures and children’s programs and how satan tried to attack in several ways but was not successful in stopping the meetings! Please continue to pray for the Palawan project and the new believers that they may stand firm through the trials that come their way.
Wendy and Dwayne

Reaping the Harvest
First Sabbath with the newly baptized souls! So encouraging! It’s like a little heaven in this sinful world. Everyone was so happy having fellowship with the rest of the brethren, singing, reading the Bible, sharing each others’ food during lunch and sharing testimonies of how they accepted our Savior, Jesus Christ. But before this very inspiring scene, we held a 2 week Evangelistic Meeting last October 16-29, 2011. Bible students from Mansalay, Mainit, Calapi, Limbasan and Lapiak who have been studying with us and our Bible workers for more than a year (and others for almost a year) were gathered into one group for this meeting. Andrey, our pilot was in charge of transporting the Bible interests from 4 different locations to the meeting place. He started to pick them up at 5:00 in the afternoon to be able to finish transporting them to the meeting place at around 6:30. We could feel His presence during these quite stressful times. It wasn’t that easy for us and for the Bible interests because Satan was really doing his best to destroy us. A couple times the truck with the trailer full of people who would attend the meetings was targeted. Someone threw stones at the people and some were hurt, but still they continued to attend the meetings. Satan even sent some drunkards to disrupt the meetings but praise God He is always with our speaker, Rolly Reyes and He gave him the right words to say.

The night before the last day of the meeting, the Bible students were so upset and afraid because someone along the way threw carabao feces at them mixed with water. We were about to start when they arrived and we encouraged them to still be strong with what they believe is right because this is Satan’s doing to really make them afraid so they might not come to the meetings anymore. We gave them this text from the Bible, “Greater is He that is in me than He who is in the world,” 1 John 4:4. We changed the time of the meeting to a much earlier time and all of the Bible students still attended even those hit with the carabao feces.

Praise God because in God’s guidance we were able to finishe the whole 2 weeks with more than a 130 adult attendees and also more than 130 children attending the children’s program. Each one of the 36 baptized souls have their own inspiring story to tell of how God led them. They also share with us the sad stories of how their relatives and neighbors treat them now as a new believer. These will all be a great challenge and trial to them. They have stepped forward by accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior, now they will be needing our prayers and more care for the trials they will be having along the way. This is not a small thing for them because they are new in faith but they believe and have faith that God will continue to lead them. May the Lord bless us all as we continue to serve Him.

Shielah Reyes
PAMAS missionary