Daniel in Motorcycle Accident

23 Dec ’11

Your Prayers Are Requested

Our son Daniel, who has served as a volunteer in Bolivia since 2008, had an accident with his Honda 125 motorbike this evening. He ran into an old man attempting to cross the road, bruising him up and breaking his ankle. The old man is in the hospital undergoing two surgeries. Daniel discovered after the accident that his insurance had expired, so he will be requied to pay for the old man’s medical attention, which could cost $2,000 or more. There are also legal implications, typical to foreign countries, such as confiscation of his motorcycle, stiff fines and imprisonment – even if it wasn’t his fault.

daniel motorbike
Daniel (Right) and another volunteer on his motorbike.

According to Daniel, the old man was in the middle of the road, and barely missed being hit by a car, then a truck. As he jumped back to avoid being hit by the truck, he ended up right in Daniel’s path. There were many witnesses who saw the entire incident and assured the victim’s family that it was not Daniel’s fault. Daniel and his passenger, a young volunteer from South Africa, were thrown from the bike and providentially, landed in a grassy place in the middle of the road. Both suffered scrapes and bruises, as well as pulled muscles. Both are grateful they didn’t land on the pavement and that God saved them from more serious injuries.

We spoke with Daniel a short time ago, who was at the police station with a lawyer, the injured man’s family and Gospel Ministries International staff. The accident happened around 5:00 p.m. Bolivia time. We are praying that this incident will be used by God to strengthen Daniel’s walk with God and result in more people being in Heaven for eternity.

With Appreciation,

Fred and Diana Adams

bolivia street

Road in Santa Cruz, Bolivia