Daniel’s Accident Update – 2011

25 Dec 2011

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Your Prayers Are Being Answered!

Hi Again,

daniel on motorbikeWow, we’ve been inundated with hundreds of email and Facebook messages from friends and many people we don’t even know, assuring us of your prayers, your concern and words of encouragement. Thank you all soooo very much – there’s no way we can respond to each one of you personally! I am collecting them into a single document to send on to Daniel, and he assured us he’ll try to do better about communicating with his support base.

God has heard your prayers, and good things have happened. First of all, Daniel wasn’t thrown in jail as often is the case even when a person isn’t at fault in a vehicle accident in foreign countries. The Bolivian Police Department gave Daniel 3 hours to work things out with the family of the elderly man he hit with his motorcycle. A lawyer drew up a legal agreement in which Daniel paid $2,000 dollars to cover the surgeries and other medical expenses, and the family agreed not to press charges. Daniel was able to borrow the money, which he needs to pay back next week, as God provides.

Daniel’s motorcycle is still impounded, and he hopes to work things out next week to get it back without paying too high a fee. His leg is feeling better, but his passenger will need more time to heal from a pulled tendon in his ankle.

bolivia streetWhen Daniel saw the previous email I sent out Thursday night, he asked me where I’d gotten the photo of the street in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. I’d downloaded it from an online album of a volunteer who worked there about two years ago. Daniel exclaimed, “The accident happened just a few yards from where that photo was taken!”

Thanks again to each one of you for your caring support, and we are all grateful we serve a God who is ultimately in control, even when bad things happen.


Fred & Diana Adams
Placerville, CA

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