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Dear Pastor David,

I am sure that as we watch the momentous prophetic events taking place in the present world, we can only exclaim:

‘What an amazing time to be working together in the Lord’s work!’

We all know, the ‘harvest is ripe but the labourers are few’ and it is incredible how God continues to do miraculous things with His small modern day ‘Gideon’s Armies’  scattered around the world.

God couldn’t have spoken more clearly!

Hopefully the title above makes you curious…if so, read on:
May I share a testimony with you?   Earlier this year, after paying all our broadcasting fees and bills of about $75,000 for yet another month, we once again found our bank account depleted and at rock bottom (as it so often is at the start of the month!)  We were also needing to upgrade some equipment and computer software, and other operating costs were looming.  We found ourselves a little disheartened at the prospect that, once again, despite the faithfulness of our many wonderful supporters and donors, some of the board members would have to ‘dig deeply into their pockets’ to supply what was looking to be a large shortfall in donations that month (as sometimes happens).

As you know, we are a faith-based ministry.  The Lord has led incredibly and provided miraculously through supporters and friends like you, again and again – so, as is our usual custom, we turned to prayer.

A ‘fleece’ was put out to the Lord as follows:

Lord, if you want Firstlight to continue broadcasting the Everlasting Gospel and the 3 Angels Messages to New Zealand, AND if you want us to renew our contract for another 3 years from September 2015 to 2018, then please would you kindly pay all the bills this coming month without the need for Firstlight Board members to dig into their own pockets to cover the shortfall!

Some of us felt a little foolish – it seemed to be such a ‘big ask’ of the Lord, especially for it to be answered at such short notice…….

A few days later, we received a humble envelope in the mail with a note that simply said:  ‘Just a little something to help. Keep up the good work.’  And the super large cheque that was enclosed covered all our bills for the entire month!  Praise the Lord!

And since that month earlier this year, God has continued to impress faithful supporters like you to pay all the bills every month – this is truly your ministry!

Thank you Lord, Thank you Firstlight Family!
May ‘God bless you all abundantly more than you can ask or think.’

The Lord has shown us time and time again, His hand and close involvement in the work of Firstlight.  He continues to sustain this ministry, of which you are a crucial part.

Renewal of Contracts….

Since God has so clearly spoken to us, we are thrilled to tell you that Firstlight Broadcasting Network will soon be renewing it’s existing broadcasting contracts with Freeview, Kordia and JDA for a further 3 years so that we can continue to cover most of New Zealand with our broadcasts.  Lord willing, this will keep us on air until September 2018 – and beyond – as the Lord leads!

Further, in anticipation of the new broadcasting contract and in an endeavour to provide more locally produced content, some supporters, at their own expense, are building, or have already built, production facilities in both the North and South Islands.  Praise God for inspiring those who have committed their resources to deepen their partnership with Firstlight.

As Dr Norman McNulty, MD, Neurologist and well known Christian presenter stated recently on Audioverse….

There has never been a more urgent time…

… to present the Everlasting Gospel and the 3 Angels’ Messages to a world that is growing darker and darker.  We need…
to broadcast ‘Present Truth’  not pleasant truth!
Jesus is coming soon and the world needs to be prepared!
The book of Revelation describes a ‘sleeping church’ existing at this time in earth’s history.  Also consider Matthew 24:44-45:

44 ‘Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.
45 Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath made ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season?’

We must give spiritual food that will wake the people up!  Spiritual food that is appropriate for the times in which we are living.  God is asking us to come together and give the messages suitable for this time.  I am sure you will agree that we have been here on this earth far too long!  If we are faithful, we can hasten the coming of the Lord.  (2Peter3:12)  What a day, glorious day that will be!

Mere words are not enough to express our gratitude and thanks for your ongoing friendship, sacrifices, support and prayers as we carry out this important work in our mission field, New Zealand.  Firstlight is your ministry and we, the Firstlight Board members, take this God-given work very seriously and continue to sacrifice everything for this work alongside you.  Thank you again.

Please continue to partner with us as we forge ahead.  To God be all the Glory!

May our Lord and Saviour bless you wonderfully today.

Mike Dutt
Firstlight Broadcasting Network



Recently we screened a 3ABN Interview called “The Time is at Hand.”  Danny Shelton and CA Murray interviewed Steve Wohlberg and Tim Saxton from White Horse Media.  During the course of this interview, Steve held up two newsletters; one entitled “There Shall be Signs” and the other “The Time is at Hand!”  If you would like us to send you a printed copy of these two newsletters, together with a DVD of the interview itself, please reply to this email or call us on free to call 0508 FIRSTLIGHT – or 0508 34 77 85.  They are great for sharing and will help you to see how fast things are moving! 

PPS: We have more Firstlight flyers available.  If you would like to letterbox some in your area please let us know.

If you are excited by the contents of this newsletter, please continue to tell everyone – your family and friends – about Firstlight.  Why not invite them to join our database? They can do this very easily by visiting our website and signing up to receive our newsletters, or they can just email me their contact details.
A gentle reminder to you if you are one of those I contacted during 2012 and asked if you would communicate the contents of these emails to those on your list who do not have a computer or access to email.  Please phone the contacts on your list and tell them all this exciting news.  Thanks so much for your help in keeping our lines of communication with everyone nice and strong.  God bless!


“Firstlight is the best TV station in the whole of New Zealand!  I’ve got my heavy metal guitarist friend and my MMA Cage Fighting friend to watch Firstlight with me.  Both of them are now really staunch on the Sabbath.”
Received from GP

* * * * * * * * * *

“We watch Firstlight all the time.  We even leave Firstlight playing on the TV when we go out so that nothing evil comes into our house while we are away.” Received from LVB

* * * * * * * * * *

“Thank you for the amazing things on your channel.  I have learned so much.  It has truly blessed my life.”  JM

* * * * * * * * * *

“Thanks for the quality, wholesome material you make available.  I just watched a discussion on Hebrews Ch1 and was so blessed by their understanding, enthusiasm and bible knowledge.  I am not SDA but I receive much encouragement and wise council from your ministry and find myself watching it more now than Shine TV.  God bless you, and keep up the good work.”  JS

* * * * * * * * * *

“I thank you so much for your programme on channel 26 which I discovered in January: it brings me so much closer to God and it is a blessing!”  RE

 * * * * * * * * * *

“Watching Firstlight has rejuvenated my faith and is making things very clear for me, lots of things are falling into place.  It is such a blessing – thank you.”  RW

 * * * * * * * * * *

“I’ve cried through some of the sermons!  But I’m loving the messages.  I’m phoning you to make a donation.”  JA

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