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Airplanes for the mission field

June 13, 2019

Dear David,

Do you remember when we asked God for an air ambulance airplane for the mission field?  Well, He not only provided one but also an additional 5 airplanes!!  That’s six airplanes in total recently donated!!

And four of those airplanes were previously used for air ambulance work.  It is so wonderful to see God not only answering our prayers but going far beyond what we thought we needed.

The airplanes are located in Gallup New Mexico and we’ve made three trips so far to assess the condition of the planes and fly one out already to work on the annual inspection.

We are leaving again this next week to swap some engines and get two other engines shipped off for inspection.

One of the requirements to import an airplane into Bolivia is to have at least 20% life left on the engines.  We are pairing two engines that are brand new onto one airplane so it will meet this criteria.

Since these airplane have been used for air ambulance work, they already contain the modifications to support medical equipment in the cabin.  Brandtley flew this one up to Kelso Washington last month to start the inspection.  It flies very well and will be a great asset once in service.  It will cost about $20k to bring its flying status current.
The second airplane we will work on next week is a Cessna Conquest 425.  This is a turboprop and flies quite a bit faster than the Cessna 414A above.

This one however needs both engines inspected before we can even start them.  So, we are going to remove and ship them to a facility that specializes in repairs of turboprop engines.

One of the challenges in third world countries is the availability of AVGas fuel.  Since this airplane uses Jet A fuel, it will have more options for fuel stops.  We will have greater flexibility for making trips where it is difficult now in airplanes using AVGas.
Please Pray
Please join us in prayer that these airplanes will be the right tool used to reach people where it is difficult now to reach.  When we have skills and talents we should use them for God’s work.  We are to be faithful servants eagerly working for the salvation of souls.  “For the night cometh when no man can work”.

There still is much work to be done on the airplanes to prepare them to fly.

Thank you for your prayers and support of the work to reach precious souls in other parts of the world.  

May God be with you this week,

Brandtley & Jenyve
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