PAMAS NEWS: I Want To Be Saved!

 “And let us consider how we may spur one another toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as sone are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another-and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”
Hebrews 10:24,25

When asked what her prayer requests were, she teared up and bent close to our ears and whispered,”I want to be saved!”


Dear Friends and Family,

With Jesus coming very soon, and “men’s hearts failing them from fear at what is coming on the earth,” we have a lot of opportunities to share truth, hope and encouragement with those around us. 

We recently attended the annual Philippine Youth for Christ (PYC) conference held in Iloilo where we were asked to have a booth and share about our ministry. It was inspiring, as always, to hear the Godly speakers from around the world and learn from their experiences. It was also a joy to join the community service outreach day and share this Hope that we have with the neighbors around the city. While one group was holding free consultations and health lectures, our group went to the homes nearby to find more people with health issues and Bible questions. We shared natural remedies, and gave special prayers for each family. 

 The people were so interested to learn more about the Bible, prophecy, and health. The picture at the top is also from this day. We found people searching and in need of assurance.


An “army of youth” came to be filled every 5:00 a.m. at the PYC prayer room. We pray for these young people to dedicate their lives in service and be sent as shining lights throughout this dark world!

After our last newsletter, we flew down to Mindanao where we’ve been ever since (except for the 5 days in Iloilo). We were so happy to see a lot of progress here at the airbase! The trusses were mostly up on the hangar, and gardens had been started in 5 different big plots all around the hangar and guesthouse! More than 150 banana and coconut trees were also planted around the base. We continue to praise God for great missionaries and various volunteers who give their time and talents, not for personal gain, but purely for service to God! 

Neil showed us the gardens and progress on the hangar as soon as we arrived.


Trusses are up on the hangar. Almost ready for the roofing.


Neil’s mom and a teacher friend from Palawan spent their vacation volunteering in the gardens.


We praise God for the abundant ways He provides!


Dr. Panes uses the gardens as a training ground for the SULADS missionaries.   (The Panes family are the ones who made these gardens happen!)

We recently gained another great missionary, when Neil got married a month and a half ago to Ruth! She is an answer to prayer not only for Neil, but also for me, Wendy. We are enjoying so much our visits together to our neighbors, offering blood pressures and prayers and looking for Bible Study interests. She’s a PAFCOE (Amazing Facts Evangelism) graduate and a gifted Bible worker and speaker. She’s also helping me to learn Bisaya’ (the main language of Mindanao), which is truly an answer to prayer! Another extra bonus from God is that I’m learning from her how to cook simple, healthy, local dishes with produce straight out of the gardens.

Together in ministry at the Mindanao airbase with Neil and Ruth.


Ruth prays and shares hope with a family near the airbase.


We prayed with and encouraged this family, our closest neighbors, after learning that the youngest girl needs surgery for her congenital heart problem. The mom is a new Adventist.

Dwayne has been working on the other side of the duplex here at the “guesthouse” whenever he has time. Neil and Ruth are staying with us for now in our small two bedroom apartment until the other side is finished, then they’ll be living there.

Placing the kitchen tile in the other “studio apartment” (other side of the guesthouse).

Last Friday we poured the first section of the cement pad in front of the hangar. This is always a huge job, and though there were challenges with equipment and weather, we’re thankful God sustained us through it and it is done! (Just two more sections to go!)


The cementing started at 6:30 am. with 10 guys.


Tracks for the sliding hangar doors were embedded in the cement.


The other day we decided give a treat of cold, fruit smoothies to the guys who delivered the cement. They loved it! Jerry, our missionary on the left, took the opportunity to hang out with them while they ate. We gave them tracts about health before they left. They were all smiles!

Though we are often busy with the development and administration side of this ministry, we often pray that we will not miss opportunities that come our way to show God’s love to a hurting world. Thank you so much for your prayers and support that make this ministry possible!


Dwayne and Wendy Harris


2nd Helicopter Update

The Alouette helicopter is looking more promising as Daniel and some of our friends have been checking things out more closely.  We continue to pray for God’s leading if this is His will. The owner is willing to give a partial donation, so the cost would now be half the cost of overhauling our current R44 helicopter. Again, this would not be a replacement for the R44 but be in addition to it, and would allow one of the helicopters to be placed in one of the other airbases.

However, the R44 still needs overhauling (a requirement after 2200 hours and 12 years). We know that God can provide and keep this useful tool in the air! The overhaul kit is $150,000 (plus a $43,000 core charge which is partially refunded when the old components are sent back to the factory). We are praying that through God’s miracles we can purchase it this summer so it can be shipped in the same container with the Alouette. 

The purchase of the second helicopter would also help keep any lapse in flying from happening while the R44 is being overhauled. Read more about it here in Daniel’s last Newsletter: Click here

We really appreciate your prayers and support for both the current and possible 2nd helicopter! Thank you so much!

       Alouette helicopter for possible purchase

Home Sweet Home

It’s been so nice to be home at our new place here in Mindanao for a few weeks, but it’s time to be traveling again! We’ll go up to the North Luzon project again and get our new pilot and his new wife (Alex and Gayle) settled and then we’re off to the U.S. by July! Hope to see those of you who are stateside. We’ll be in California, Tennessee, Florida, Wisconsin, and Montana. Please contact us if you’re nearby, we’d love to see you!


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Dwayne and Wendy Harris
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Most Needed

  • R44 Helicopter Overhaul:  $150,000 +  $43,000
  • Alouette Helicopter:  $25,000 still needed
  • Roofing for Mindanao hangar:  $5,000
  • Land in Palanan (East coast of Luzon) for missionary training, medical center etc:  $1,000 still needed
  • Twin Commanche Propellers:  $15,000 


  • Mindanao Airbase:  $22,500 Total

                   Container Vans (5):  $16,000 (Completed, praise God!)
                   Roof for the Hanger:  $15,500 ($5,000 still needed)
                   Converting insides of containers into 2 furnished apartments  $20,000
                   Finishing well for water:  $2,500

  • Transmitter and equipment for low powered, FM radio station in Luzon:  $300 (Palawan transmitter already purchased, thank you!)
  • Missionary housing for Luzon:  $10,000 

Volunteers Needed

  • Farm managers
  • Teachers
  • Accountants
  • Doctors, Nurses, and EMT’s
  • Pilots
  • Mechanics
  • Medical Missionaries
  • Bible Workers, chaplains, youth pastors
  • Administrators for small lifestyle centers
  • Administrators for missionary training schools 
  • Supervisors for Bible workers
  • Administrators for schools


  • Praise for progress on the Mindanao airbase!
  • Praise for successful dental mission in Palawan
  • Praise for God’s leading with developing gardens/agriculture in all three projects!

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for God’s financial provisions for this ministry
  • Pray for God’s leading of where and how to set up missionary training schools
  • Pray for a volunteer who can run the radio station in Palawan
  • Pray for God’s leading in setting up small clinics/treatment rooms throughout the mountains in Palawan.
  • Pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on each missionary and this ministry!


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  Thank you for your support!   

              Dwayne and Wendy Harris              

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