Uncle David’s 2nd Quarter Frontlines Report


Uncle David’s Message

Better Alternatives?

After wrestling with God until about 2 am, at age 18, I finally made my commitment to completely surrender my life to Him and gave Him total control. My focus changed from preparing to make money to preparing for the mission field.

As I began my studies in aviation, I received a letter from my childhood friend Becky which reopened our relationship. Soon she joined me in studying aviation. We decided to switch our majors from Theology and Medical Technology to Nursing so we could study together. A year before our graduation we were married. On graduation we flew to Peru to join my parents in the mission field for a period of time. Realizing how a pilot was dependent on maintenance for the plane, we returned to the US where I completed aviation maintenance studies.

During this time, we were poor as church mice. We lived in a small teardrop trailer and paid $11 dollars a month for electricity. Our spare cash each month for optional items was only $5 dollars. But God provided and we survived, eventually getting some work as a Flight Instructor and a couple of days as a Registered Nurse each week. My reputation as a pilot grew and I developed friendships with businessmen.

After I graduated as a mechanic and prepared to return to the mission field, I was suddenly offered a very lucrative pilot job and asked to join a businessman as a partner in his business. At the same time I had already started my own business. After years of living with barely enough I was offered three concurrent sources of income. I was severely tempted UNTIL I SUDDENLY REALIZED that it only a distraction to keep me from going into mission work. I turned all offers down and placed my focus on God’s work on the front lines. I have never regretted that decision!

Now, having developed projects in 96 countries, I have seen this scenario repeated many times in the lives of other missionaries.

  1. God calls a person to the front lines and gives confirmation of the calling. There is joy and confidence in moving forward. Then comes the attack from the enemy.
  2. As the missionary prepares for launching, attractive alternatives are offered. These might be secular or even denominational employment opportunities. They are designed to derail the plans for overseas service. For some persons apparently insurmountable difficulties suddenly appear. In all cases, we are tempted to doubt and indecision.
  3. A decision must be made—move forward or pursue an alternative. Might I suggest that the right decision is always in following your Divine Leader? That is where success and joy are to be found. Surrender your own will in these matters, focus on your calling and ignore alternatives. Be willing to change direction only if there is clear confirmation that God is directing. Let not finances, comfort, difficulties or doubt lead you to an alternate choice. Follow the Lamb.

Our future safety, joy and fulfillment—and salvation—are only to be found on this path we are led. Keep your eyes on Jesus and continue following regardless of where He takes you. It is the best path.

From the Frontlines,

Uncle David


Frontlines Mission News

Preparing us for the Great Conflict

An Evangelistic series produced by
RedAdvenir – Bolivia

It was early in the morning and we were ready to leave to participate in one more edition of “Battles of Faith” in Florida. For many who still do not know what Battles of Faith is, they may have heard that phrase because it is very common when there are spiritual battles. “Battles of Faith” is an evangelistic series that started by accident, so to speak. With the schedule so tight and multiple commitments of the different projects that Uncle David manages, he did not have in his mind to do such a thing, neither the production team of theRed Advenir in Bolivia.

It all started with a call from Lima, Peru. The owner of a company in that country wanted to dedicate to God an amount of money that was saved from a theft to his company. Miraculously the thieves in their haste grabbed the amount of the smallest amount, leaving the big amount intact! To thank God for the miracle, he set it aside as a tithe and promised God to use it for an evangelistic campaign in the great city of Lima with more than 10 million inhabitants.

Scenes of the preparations to start a new series in West Palm Beach (WPB), US

Sound check of the music presenters (WPB)

These were the beginnings of a “pilot” project, as it was thought to be the first and the last one! Not knowing the scope and impact that was going to have, after finishing the series immediately began to arrive offers to carry out the event in other South American countries. The frequency of these events began slowly, but as the final events progressed, there was an urgency to embrace more interest in the spiritual preparation needed for this time. Little by little, the purpose for which God had impressed the minds of the organizers to continue projecting through television, radio, internet and social sites was broken down.

The purpose of the evangelistic series of “Battles of Faith” is:

“To prepare a people  to ‘His people’ for the impending conflict between Christ and Satan. Toalert and acknowledge that ‘His People’ need a life of holiness, separated from the world and their lusts for the ‘imminent’ return of Jesus Christ at his second coming!”

We carried many materials such as books, music CDs, and DVDs in a trailer to assist with the campaign that was being held in the United States for the first time. Within an hour of reaching our destination, the trailer tire burst and exploded. We did not see that tire again, because it jumped out like a rocket across the highway. The next day we learned that the trailer with the precious material had already been transported to the place of the event. Thank God for the Lord’s care from a fatal accident on the highway!

Some members of the broadcasting team of RedAdvenir, Bolivia.


GMI TN Staff in the auditorium in presence.

Last minutes test before the going LIVE!

Loreto and Richard ready to go LIVE on cameras.


Someone said: “It is not the same to be present, than to see it by cable” He really is absolutely right! The realization to make this event is expensive and painful, like labor pain … it is a sacrifice of time and money, in addition to many inconveniences at the last minute, technical failures, oppression for the assistants, insults, etc. Also the live broadcasting fails at each presentations. All these are battles of faith!

From the control area where the cables, cameras, sound and online streaming are wired.

A view from the stage of the big auditorium. People started to come to begin the first of the meetings at WPB, FL.

This transmission of “Battles of Faith USA” was very blessed! The organizers of the event in West Palm Beach (WPM) did an excellent job in organizing every detail such as the rental of equipment, premises, accommodations, participants and special music among others. As Uncle says the celestial music, it was really ‘heavenly’.

Event presenters Marc Chambers, Arthur Branner and David Gates shared about the latest developments in the United States in Prophecy. Esmie Branner impacted with her testimony and courage as she traveled with her 5 children to the Middle East and obeyed God each step in her suffering to free herself from the Muslim oppression of her first husband. We also met the evangelical pastor who helped Uncle David to obtain a radio and television license in Haiti. Actually the whole event was wonderful!

Children quartet “Alabanza Perfecta” had participation during the event.

Alabanza Perfecta


Brothers Ferreira from Dominican Republic sang a duo.

‘El Shaddai’

**Wearing headphones is STRONGLY suggested as the videos are not
professionally recorded!**

A violinist and a singer Christian Paul Gerber.

‘The Language of Canaan’


Steve Facey joined at the last minute on Sabbath afternoon to play his saxophone!

Steve Facey

**Wearing headphones is STRONGLY suggested as the videos are not
professionally recorded!**

Uncle David and his son-in-law Richard Carrera played the trumpet together during the afternoon ‘heavenly’ musical performance on Sabbath!

Childrens singing ‘The Blood of Jesus’


The improvise quartet of the evening! They grouped and started the night before to rehearse the song for the Glory to God!

‘Jesus is Coming Soon’

**Wearing headphones is STRONGLY suggested as the videos are not
professionally recorded!**

This edition was the first one to broadcast two consecutive events in a month. At the end of the last night, the following week the team of Red Advenir flew to Puerto Rico for the continuation of the series. Six series have already been made in South America, Central and North America. And for the first time the next realization will be on an English speaking floor, Trinidad and Tobago next July 10-13 (See the promotion below).

In October, Spain will be the next station followed by Holland. Most of these presentations are dubbed from English to Spanish and vice versa. It is expected that in Europe it will be dubbed live to multiple languages through the different “Light” channels of GMI.

David Gates and the translator Kerry Ann Chambers.

Arthur Branner and David Gates as his translator to Spanish.


Marc Chambers and his wife Kerry Ann.

Esmie Branner sharing her testimony from her book “Beyond the Veil of Darkness”.

‘How Great Thou Art’ from the lips of Esmie Branner

**Wearing headphones is STRONGLY suggested as the videos are not
professionally recorded!**

On behalf of Gospel Ministries International (GMI) we want to thank to all the people who with faith and sacrifice have supported this event with prayers and financially means. We know that we are experiencing the most critical moment in history and it has been the particular desire of David Gates to alert the people of God, the church, to a preparation for the translation of the coming of the Lord!

The church ‘NEEDS’ Youth like these! The Ferreira brothers have dedicated their lives to God in consecrate to Him!

She is the evangelical Pastor who helped Uncle David to obtain TV license in Haiti.


The WPB, FL church that hosted the event did a marvelous job setting up for the entire series. The pastor of the church and the couple who sponsor.

A beautiful bouquet were given to her as a thank you for wanting to share the gospel in her native country.

Pastor Arthur Branner shared his personal testimony for devotional worship a day after the event had ended for the group of missionaries who helped in the event.

**Wearing headphones is STRONGLY suggested as the videos are not
professionally recorded!**

To see the previous series online and download http://www.batallasdefe.org/

To order DVDs of these series and more write toreception@gospelministry.org or orders@gospelministry.org.

You can also call 1 (423) 473-1841 (Orders only in the United States).

If you want to support this event you can do it at:
http://gospelministry.org/donations/ or you can contact the number above.

Group picture of the organizers and presenters.

GMI Staff



A Standing Wheelchair for Dr. Gris
Bella Vista, Mexico

We’ve been sharing the news with updates for Dr. Gris health condition in Bella Vista, Chiapas, Mexico. There was a need of a standing wheelchair for him to be able to continue exercising surgical operations at his clinic. Here’s an update of his current condition from the word of Ed and Ruth MacKenzie:

“We had a great experience during the Dec 2018 – Jan 2019 Bella Vista Mission Trip. It was indeed great to be there and to reminisce as to what Bella Vista was like so many years ago, from all the stories we had heard.

We could only imagine what it was like when the Pioneers were there in the early 1970’s and beyond. There is no longer an airstrip or hanger today, as there was when the Elwin Norton and Lynden Bechtel and David Gates were there…

Chair in sitting position.

Chair in sitting and standing position.


Many donations were given for a standing wheel chair for Dr. Gris. Fred worked hard to locate and order the right one for his needs. He had it sent to us and I had to do some assembly. Then there was the problem of getting it down to Mexico. I called the airlines and asked what would be the best way to get it to Mexico. They said the best way was to ride it to the baggage area and have it checked through to Tuxtla and ask for wheelchair assistance. That is what we did. Since I was the oldest traveler, I rode the wheelchair. The airlines got us through lines fast. The wheel chair was ready for me in Mexico City to go through customs and then again in Tuxtla. No problems!

Dr. Gris and wife Yazmin enjoying their meals.


Both are very happy for this donation!

Dr. Gris in the standing chair gives a thumps up ‘thank you’. He and his wife are very happy for your contributions.

The instruction booklet was very hard to figure out. It didn’t show a person strapped in it and the pictures it did have were very dark.

Dr. Gris assisting …


… performing …


… helping in surgery.

Then, Dr. Gris was presented with a brand-new standing wheelchair, which will make it easier for him to do surgeries. Both he and his wife Yazmin and their family want to thank everyone for their support for the wheelchair. They also want to thank everyone for the work that was accomplished and the funding that was provided. The greater portion of the funds that remain will be used to continue the works of the Clinic’s roof.

We hope that Dr. Gris can perform surgeries more easily using the wheelchair standing upright.

Dr. Gris and his wife at church on Sabbath morning service, now he’s able to be in standing position to worship God and to do his missionary work at the clinic.

By Ruth MacKenzie


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