GMI Suriname Adventist TV – 3rd Quarter 2019 Report

Testimonies from the Frontlines.

One viewer writes: 

I was changing the channels one day and I came across this beautiful music. (Moments of Peace). I was instantly attracted to the wonderful songs I heard, so I began to watch every day as soon as I came home. At this point I did not know it was an Adventist channel, Suriname had not had an Adventist channel before.

The more I watched the more I felt drawn to Jesus. I believed it was his spirit speaking to my heart through this music. I began to leave the channel on all the time and stopped watching other channels for a while. I only kept this channel on. Sometimes the channel would not work and I would cry and ask God to put it on again.

Sometimes when I went to bed, I would leave the channel on and fall asleep to the calming music. The songs were very comforting and peaceful. I felt at peace.

One night while I was sleeping with the music playing I felt a very powerful spiritual presence, I awoke from sleep in an excitement to hear the name of Jesus a few times through the music. I was convinced it was the Holy Spirit, urging me to give my life to Jesus. I became closer to Jesus ever since that night.

I kept watching, and later I understood that this was an Adventist channel. Shortly after that, I heard the Adventist church was having a crusade so I decided to visit and requested to get baptized. I began telling everyone the reason I got baptized was because of watching this channel. I decided to dedicate my life to Jesus because I really believed that Jesus by the power of his Holy Spirit saved my soul through this music.

Since then I have been blessed and continue to watch.


It is very encouraging for me to hear testimonies like this; the Lord is able to convince me to keep going forward in missionary work. I can remember when we busy working hard to get the station up and running, the GMI technicians finally arrived to make the final installations so we could get on air. We were driving towards the station one day and we could see the 45 meter mast in the distance, I looked up at it with thankfulness in my heart for what God was doing.

One of the Technicians said to me that Mast stands as a representation of a beacon of light spreading God’s truth throughout Paramaribo city. He said if only one person is saved as a result of all the work we are doing here, it would be worth it!

All I could reply was AMEN! Praise the Lord for his Goodness!

Jennechien Richardson


Part 2

I Stopped by the local Barber shop to get a hair cut and suddenly remembered I had received a report from a viewer that one of the three channels was not working.

The barber shop happen to be in the area close to the viewer’s home, it was a good opportunity for me to check if the signal was reaching that area and see weather the problem was indeed the channel. So I decided to ask the barber if he would mind if I changed the channel just for a moment to see if our channel was working, after explaining to him the work we were doing, he nicely gave me permission to check.

I went ahead and changed the channel and was happy to see the channel was working fine, and  relieved to know it was probably a small problem with the viewer’s antenna or TV. So I told the barber he could go ahead and change the channel back to what they were watching ,he promptly said no leave it, we want to watch.

In my heart I rejoiced and praised God his Holy Spirit is working desperately to reach people all around the world with God’s message of hope.

Jennechien Richardson


Part 3

On behalf of GMI Suriname Adventist TV station, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to be apart of a very important initiative.

Just under one year ago we launched this ground breaking media ministry in an effort to reach the people of Suriname with the Everlasting Gospel message in their homes. This is the first time that many living in the city of Paramaribo can have an opportunity to hear the Truth of the Adventist message on air, we are thankful to God for his efforts to reach the hearts of the people of Suriname through the power of the Holy Spirit.

We launched three digital channels 25.1,25.2, and 25.3. Moments of Peace, streaming nature videos backed by heavenly hymns on two channels, and preaching of the Three Angels Messages – including health and educational programs – streaming via Satellite up link.  In the future we hope to launch a fourth Channel, broadcasting local programs in the local language. 

Our Transmitter and Antennas currently cover a 11 km radius, reaching thousands in our are area. Our goal is to cover the entire city, plus the districts beyond.  In order to accomplish this we must upgrade our antennas and transmitter. In addition we are in immediate need of a generator and additional power supply to back up our system, and protect the very expensive equipment.

Due to heavy rainfall here in Suriname we are experiencing regular power outages which is affecting broadcasting and possibly damaging some of our equipment. In addition, in the near future we may have to move the station entirely to a new location, which means purchase of a new property, construction of a new building and moving of our 45 meter tower.

In order to accomplish all of this by God’s Grace and stay on the air we are in need of support.  As God impress you to  contribute to his mission please respond to this message. Your support is very crucial to the salvation of many lost souls here in Suriname.

Thanks in advance for your generosity.


Jennechien Richardson
Managing Director
GMI Suriname Adventist TV


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