PAMAS News: Dangerous Mission

“Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve my life; you stretch out your hand against the wrath of my enemies, and your right hand delivers me.” Psalm 138:7
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Riding through the streets with armed guards

Walking the rest of the way to the island carrying supplies for the med mission

These cool looking, one-armed crabs were everywhere

Patients being seen by the doctor in the SULADS mission school

Ladies gather around Wendy listening intently to health tips being given to each patient

Prayer before boarding speed boat into dangerous area. God truly protected the team!

Armed marines accompany medical team bound for remote island

Dangerous Mission


Often times we need to fly to dangerous areas to evacuate critical patients to a better facility, or to bring supplies or doctors to remote areas. We have safety precautions set in place, and many prayers for wisdom and protection! Recently Dwayne was asked to fly a small medical team to a remote island that is well known to be a dangerous area. He has flown there many times, but this time I was able to join him so I could help with the medical mission. I crawled through the small baggage door in the plane and sat in the back on a pillow for the long flight so the doctors could have the front seats. We spent the first night on the main island and then took a small speed boat the next morning out to a smaller island. We got stuck on rocks a couple times and later had to transfer to smaller boats. Then we waded through shallow water for another mile due to low tide, but it was fun! We felt safe with God and 13 armed Marines by our side! The whole island was there waiting for our arrival. I really enjoyed seeing patients again for the first time in awhile. This is basically an all Muslim area. Their diet is full of sweets and junk food, even though it is so remote. Their health complaints were mostly lifestyle related. All the ladies gathered around, squatting or sitting to hear what I had to say to each patient. They were so intent to listen again when it was their turn, even though they had heard me say many of the same things already to the other patients! We were able to see all the medical and dental patients on the island in a few short hours. The SULADS teachers, who run the mission schools among those islands, translated for us and organized the whole thing. They were so thankful that we could come and help their people and boost their influence among the community. It was great to work with them and see first hand what God is doing through them. They are very dedicated missionaries, sacrificing a lot to be there. The SULADS schools are well respected and appreciated throughout the islands. We’ve been praying for a seaplane to help this unique and important work. Good medical care is far away, and it takes the missionaries two days (with many boat and bus rides), and a lot of money to get to their SULADS homebase at MVC! It was an eventful trip, in more ways than I can say here, but we thank God for His protection on this and many other dangerous missions He takes us on! Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.

Transferring to smaller boats due to low tide

Medical team with teachers and students at a SULADS school on main island

Dedicated teachers sacrifice a lot to work in these hard areas

New Missionaries!
Last month we asked for prayers for more missionaries. We are so happy to report how God has answered your prayers! This past month He brought us four new foreign missionaries and in the past couple months we’ve also gained three new local missionaries! Carlos is our new helicopter pilot from Panama, and Ray and Phoebe (pilot and nurse) are from the U.S. They are currently helping out in Palawan, but in a month or so they will be serving in the northern Luzon airbase. This brings us up to 5 total pilots- two airplane pilots and three helicopter pilots (two of which are also airplane pilots). Dennis just arrived from the U.S. and will help us in Mindanao with the hangar complex construction. We have two new local medical missionaries for Palawan and one aircraft mechanic for Luzon! Praise God for more help, and thank you so much for your prayers!

PAMAS pilots L-R: Dwayne, Ray, Sean, Daniel, Carlos

This was the first, and probably last time all the pilots were in one place!

Some have asked, “Do you really need more pilots?” Yes! With 3 airbases that need at least one airplane and one helicopter each, we need even more than we have now, and mechanics too. Other volunteers are needed as well (see below). Currently we have 3 airplanes and one helicopter. By God’s grace we’ll have a second helicopter soon so that we can speed the languishing work in the northern Luzon territories.
Helicopter in Manila soon to be purchased

Helicopter #2 Update
We’re now waiting on the current owners to process paperwork on the helicopter in Manila before we can make the purchase and transfer the ownership. We also still need an additional $22,000 to complete the purchase. God’s timing is perfect! Thanks for your prayers.

Please pray that the Cessna 206 overhauled engine parts will arrive soon so we can get it up and running to free the Cessna 172 for the northern Luzon project.


Mindanao Airbase Update
I flew some missionaries from Mindoro to MVC for a week for them to take part in some SULADS activities and to collaborate with them in working together with education in the remote areas. That worked well since I needed to spend some more time coordinating and working on getting the hangar construction started at MVC. We are hand digging a well there as well, and lining it with 36” concrete culverts. We are about 14 meters deep now and it looks like we are getting close to the water we’ve been praying for. Please pray we can get water soon, as we need it for the construction work.

Praying for this hand-dug well, still in process

While I was at MVC, I made a trip to Cagayan De Oro with the trailer we made, to get rebar for the foundation of the hangar. It’s about a three and a half hour drive on curvy roads. The rebar ended up being heavier than I expected, but I didn’t want to make the long trip again so I decided to take it all in one load. I had only gotten a few kilometers when I pulled into a gas station and found one trailer tire barely hanging on by two lug nuts. It destroyed the threads on the studs so I replaced them and put the tire back on and tightened all the other tires and started down the road again. I got about 8 kilometers when one of the other trailer tires fell off. I found some more replacement studs and tightened all the lug nuts as tight as I dared and did not have any more problems the rest of the way. The load was so heavy (6,000 pounds) that it was bending the trailer frame, so when I got to Valencia we unloaded half onto another truck for the short but rough drive on up to MVC. We are now going full steam ahead on the footers and foundations for the hangar. We’re thankful for Adrian (from Romania), and other volunteers from the area that are keeping the work going since I can’t be there most of the time.

Adrian and friends prepare the rebar for the footers for the hangar

 Preparing to pour the footers for the hangar

Putting rebar in for the footers

Government Provides Fuel!
Fuel for the aircraft has been one of our biggest expenses each month and we have been praying continually for God to provide for that need. Recently He answered our prayer in a miraculous way. Sometimes we fly the government Department of Health doctors and directors to some of the remote islands that are hard to get to. They have taken notice of what we are doing to help people and have recently committed to giving us $20,000 a year for fuel. They have already paid for our last two fuel shipments. What a blessing.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for this ministry!

Dwayne and Wendy Harris

Government officials pose during launching ceremony (Department of Health working with PAMAS to provide air ambulance to remote areas)

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This critical, 5 year old girl had been hit by a motorcycle in a remote island and was flown by Sean to Manila for better care.

The majority of our flights are Medivacs
“Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve my life; you stretch out your hand against the wrath of my enemies, and your right hand delivers me.” Psalm 138:7


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Thank you for your prayers and support!

Dwayne and Wendy Harris


PAMAS’s mission is to speed the spread of the gospel to the un-reached and remote areas of the Philippines and beyond by providing air and medical support to established SDA missions and organizations, and to help the church to open new work in un-entered territory.

Disclaimer: Philippine Adventist Medical Aviation Services, Inc. is an independent ministry that supports the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist® Church; however it is not part of, affiliated with, or supported by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists®, or any affiliates known as the Seventh-day Adventist® Church. Thus, any content or opinions expressed, implied or included in or with the statements, products or services offered by Philippine Adventist Medical Aviation Services, Inc., are solely those of Philippine Adventist Medical Aviation Services, Inc. and not those of the Seventh-day Adventist® Church.

Current Needs:Most Needed:
–Helicopter for Luzon ($22K still needed for purchase)
–Mindanao Hangar Complex construction– $75K
–Final land payment for property adjacent to Palawan airbase-(purchased for possible Wellness Center site) – $6,000 still needed
–Cessna 206 engine overhaul– $15,000

–Sharing tracts– (printing to begin soon for 3 languages! $2,000 needed for 100,000 tracts)
–Backhoe for land development in Palawan–(Praise God, one has been donated! It just needs to be shipped here from the U.S.)
–Helicopter for Mindanao
–Wellness Centers for Palawan and Luzon
–Funds and mechanic needed for restoration of helicopter for East Timor ($35,000)

Volunteers Needed:
–Medical Missionaries
–Bible Workers
–Farm managers

Prayer Requests/Praises:
–Helicopter in Manila waiting for purchase– God’s timing, and rest of funds for the purchase
–Cessna 206 overhauled engine parts to arrive soon
–One-month LIGHT training (medical missionary) just started in Palawan! (Pray for the 43+ students, the teachers, expenses, weather etc.)
–Praise God for possible solution for issues on our mountain schools– keep praying! Enrollment for next school year coming up in a couple months.
–Wellness Centers for Palawan and Luzon– Guidance and provisions for developing the land, and dedicated volunteers to run it. Praise God for the well on the new land in Luzon, and beginning construction of first building!
–Provisions for purchasing helicopters for Mindanao and north Luzon and guidance to the right ones
–Praise God for gardens in Luzon producing plenty of nutrient-filled produce for all missionaries and more to spare! Pray for a farm manager for Palawan.

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