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Uncle David’s Message

His Lung Has Collapsed, Help! – By David Gates

“My brother is going to die if we can’t get him to a hospital with a thoracic surgeon. He had an accident and has chest trauma and a collapsed lung,” the voice on the phone desperately pleaded.

“Please send a plane to take him to Santa Cruz.”

We are opening media work with radio and TV in Uruguay and I was tired from the long flight back to Bolivia from Uruguay, yet someone’s life hung in the balance. I promised to leave as soon as possible. When we arrived, the supervising physician explained that the patient was too unstable to travel but could be transported in the morning. He would personally accompany the patient doing his best to get the patient there alive. So, we spent the night and at 7am we met them at the airport.

During the 3-hr flight the doctor kept the intubated patient’s oxygen concentration level up. The ambulance was waiting when we arrived and the patient was quickly transferred. The grateful sister, with tears streaming down her cheeks, kept thanking me. I told her it was God that donated the plane to us so that we could offer the flights. God sends the donors that cover the cost of the fuel and maintenance. He is the One to thank.

The doctor came to me and said, “I am from Cuba. I love God and have heard about you and read about your life of service. I would like to work by your side. Oh, I also am a seventh-day Sabbath keeper. I will call you later.”

I was stunned and surprised at how God is pulling His people together into a team that works in love for others. So many nominal Christians are just club members with no love for others. Don’t be one of those. Be one of God’s Special Forces, reflecting His love and following the Lamb everywhere He goes.

From the front lines, Uncle David

Frontlines Mission News

Red ADVenir International, Bolivia

Greetings from Bolivia dear friends! We are a TV and Radio Network. We broadcast on TV OPEN, by SATELITE and by STREAMING. We are now part of thousands of homes on the American continent and part of Western Europe. Our Programming is aimed to covering the four aspectsof physical, social, mental and spiritual health. The ADVenir Network team is made up of around 40 people of different professions: engineers, technicians, gardeners, chef, builders, communicators and endless trades. All volunteers for the service of the Lord Jesus.

In these last four years, God has put his hand on this light in Bolivia. Last year we were able to inaugurate our studios that with so much work we manage to cape. Every first Saturday of the month, we conduct a special program in the ADVenir network studio. Brothers and sisters from different churches come to participate in this special program for beautiful praises, missionary testimonies and sermons given by different international preachers.

Currently we are in productions of Vegetarian Cooking Programs, Family Programs, Evangelism, Musicals, Missionary testimonies and supporting other ministries by making documentaries

Our needs are:
– Missionaries: We need people willing to give their time and give their life to the Lord. No matter the trade or the profession, God is willing to train whoever puts themselves into His hands. You can learn to be a: cameraman, producer, director, post-production editor, or even participate in programing.

– Computers for Editing: We need five PCs to be able to edit and render the videos at high quality. Estimated price $2000ea

– Cooking for Missionaries: Currently single missionaries use a common kitchen. It has suited its purpose for these last years, but it has now become too small. The project idea is to build a dining room that can accommodate everyone comfortably. Price estimated $60,000.

– Rooms for Missionaries: Currently the missionaries are rooming in the offices of the recording building. We have reached the limit there as well and there is no more space. The project idea is to build a dormitory so they can have their space after work. Price estimated $50,000.

– A Truck for Transportation: Truck price estimate $10.000. We don’t have our own transportation. We live about 45 minutes from the city and it’s difficult for:

  • Transportation to the market to make purchases.
  • Transportation to the church.
  • Carrying out evangelism in the surrounding areas.
  • Transporting equipment to facilitate events in other places.

We thank each of you for your fervent and constant prayers; it has given us much strength from heaven to continue with this mission. Please continue to pray and thank you very much for your support in all areas.

Richard Carrera
Director Red ADVenir Int.

Web: www.redadvenir.org
Facebook: fb.com/redadvenirtv
Email: info@redadvenir.org

Mission Life

Long –Term Missionaries

Seventeen years ago I never dreamed that I would be flying over the jungles of my own country, Guyana. I was baptized when I was nine years old into the Seventh-Day Adventist church and in 1999, I was interested in getting a Christian education at the Davis Indian Industrial College in Paruima, Guyana where I´m from. God used Uncle David Gates, who was serving as a volunteer missionary in the area, to establish that school.

During my schooling, I was deeply convicted that the best and most important thing in the world is to give one´s heart to God, walk with Him, and serve Him. I had never spoken in public before, but through public speaking classes and the help of the Holy Spirit I was able to share the good news in public as well as private. After I graduated, I placed my plans in God’s hand to carry out His will. I was worried and prayed fervently each day for God to show me His will.

My plan was to study theology after I finished middle school. One day, I was looking for something to read and I found a magazine that was a direct answer to my prayers. The front cover’s title, “A thousand ways “, caught my attention. When I read the first paragraph it described my situation. This is what it said, “Many are unable to make definite plans for the future. Their life is unsettled. They cannot discern the outcome of affairs, and this often fills them with anxiety and unrest. Let us remember that the life of God’s children in this world is a pilgrim life. We have not wisdom to plan our own lives… Christ in His life on earth made no plans for Himself.”

From then onward I decided to put into practice what I had learned and accept God´s plans for my life. I decided to do my best and be faithful in whatever responsibility God offered. I went to Venezuela to serve as a volunteer and I learned Spanish. After four years I returned to Guyana and studied at a medical missionary school where I learned more about the Bible and natural remedies. After that, I accepted the offer to learn to fly as a mission pilot, which I did in Bolivia. I couldn’t fly at the pace required by the flight school because of my lack of resources and the Bolivian civil aviation misplaced my papers which greatly hindered my progress in finishing my instrument rating. During this time I also got married and had our first baby, but after 5 years, I finally finished the flight training.

One of the main volunteer concerns is finances. As a family, we have experienced time and again that God is faithful and He provides through other people. God is amazing and money is not a problem for Him. “The Savior has not promised His followers the luxuries of this world; their lot may be shut in by poverty; but His word is pledged that their need shall be supplied”. Through all the hardships, pain, and trials, I know that God is and has been with me. We just need to surrender all, read and obey His words and He will guide us through ways that He knows best. I am excited for what God is doing. I believe time is short. The mark of the beast is about to hit the news and “the final movements will be rapid ones.” I invite you in the mighty name of Jesus to give your heart to the One who loves you with a love stronger than death and He will guide and show you great and mighty things which you do not know.

Recently by God´s grace I came to the USA to obtain my FAA private pilot´s license because I needed it to fly US registered airplanes in the mission field in Guyana.  I am excited for what God will do for me.  I believe time is short.  We can see and hear it.  The mark of the beast is about to hit the news and “the final movements will be rapid ones.”  I invite you in the mighty name of Jesus to give your heart to the one who loves you with a love stronger than death and he will guide and show you great and mighty things which you do not know.  Amen.

Lincoln Gomez
Facebook: Lincoln Gomez
Blogspot: lincolnandmonica.blogspot.com

On our way back from Georgetown we received a radio call to pick up a hernia affected patient.  We flew him to the nearest health center and continued our flight.

This baby was also flown to fix her mal-formed pallet

This Little boy above was flown to get better medical attention during our flights in Bolivia.  He is presently recovering.

This Bolivian baby was 3 days old when   Herman Gonzalez and myself flew him for surgery because he was born with an esophagus that basically did not function. He had two operations and unfortunately died after a third attempt.

New Volunteers 

My Story

What did I know about missions? As much as I knew about Ellen White or being an Adventist! But God had His plans. When I prayed and asked Him for direction as I was beginning to reject the teachings at my spirit filled Pentecostal church, He sent someone to literally “get me”.

Once God revealed the truth and the teachings of the Adventist church I wanted to tell the world about it. Unfortunately, satan puts a target on our backs as soon as we get too close to God and so he used my children to discourage my growth. They both stopped going to church and decided that Sabbath keeping was not for them. I put them in God’s hands and persevered in the faith.

I began to want more of Jesus and hungered to bring souls to Christ. I trained as a Bible Worker and began giving Bible studies. I also led literature evangelism missions. Then I heard about David Gates. I scoured the web for media about him. I knew right away that joining his ministry was my calling.

When I came to Siparuta Mission Academy, a high school campus in Guyana, I had no idea what to expect. Here I have become a teacher, a Bible worker, a cook, a mother and a friend to the students and their families. They have become like my own children; I tell them my stories and listen to theirs, I advise them, and have shed tears over them.  I pray with them and have grown to love them.

In the village I have started in-home Bible studies with the families, the SMA staff are involved as we take our campus kids with us to teach them how to reach people and teach about Jesus. Out here in the jungle Jesus is real. There’s no TV, or wifi but you can hear the sounds are the birds, crickets and the wind rustling in the trees. The sky seems bluer and the moon and stars remind you of how big God is.  Jesus is real when the only way to get food is to wait for the weekly boat trip out of the village.

This mission offers me an opportunity to be on the front lines in the battle between Jesus and satan. I have joined the ones who have given up the comforts of the great American dream to walk where Jesus walked among the broken hearted, the captives and the afflicted. Then sings my soul my savior God to Thee how great Thou art! And it is well with my soul!

Pearl Henry
Email: pearlhenry1@gmail.com

Para subscripciones en Español reception@gospelministry.org

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