Testimony of a young man in Europe

Hi Uncle David,

We met this weekend in Norway. I talked to you how I have the wish to do something for the Russian people. You said that I could come to learn about the work in the media center. I have prayed several times about it and a have a wonderful peace about it, to work with you and your team.

I am already starting to live on prayer. On my way home from Norway I had no traveling money. I had only 5 Euro that someone gave me for an other cause. So I had no money for the train to the airport. I was told that I might have to take the train, but I did not tell this person that I don`t have the money for it. I prayed and it was possible to drive me to the airport. When I landed in Germany I still had about 65 kilometers to go. My father was working and I could have waited at the airport and then called him to pick me up. But then I needed to wait for hours, because he was working and I wanted also try if God would bring me home without money.

I can`t remember that I ever hitchhiked before. I like to have my car and go whenever where ever I want. But in this situation it was so inconvenient not be able to do something on my own. So I just walked out the airport with my 15 kilograms of luggage and prayed and hoped that somebody would pick me up. I`m telling you most people don`t even care! But then somebody offered to drive me some kilometers into the city so I would have a better chance to get a ride. There I was standing and standing. Oh my it was so embarrassing and I felt so helpless. But as more I was getting despaired

I prayed even more. I don`t know many verses out of the Bible but some I remembered . “Yea, let none that wait on thee be ashamed” Psalm 25, 3 – So I prayed and said “Lord do you really want me to call my earthly father? I cannot believe/accept that You could not provide better for me than my father…” And than somebody stopped and I got encouraged and a little closer to home. I prayed again and somebody stopped. It took about 8 different people to bring me home and the last person did drive me almost to the place where I live. I was so thankful

I`m looking forward to work with you and your team and I am already praying that God prepares the way and the hearts of the people, He wants us to reach.

God also helped me to apologize to some people and I was so relieved when I did it. There are still some people who I have to talk to, but some of those are hard to reach because I ether don`t have their last name or number. But I pray that I can soon finish cleaning my life and sell all the stuff I don`t need anymore. As soon as I have done this there is nothing holding me back here and I can learn and work for God! I am so glad and happy that we have such a wonderful God who is willing to forgive us and even helps us to do His will!

Please pray for me that God helps me and that He finishes the work He started in my life.

You are in my prayers and I hope to see you soon!

Name withheld for privacy

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