Uncle David’s 4th Quarter Frontlines Report

Uncle David’s Message

The World is Not Ready for What is
About to Happen

Four weeks ago, I added full power on our Cessna 340 mission plane and waited for the turbos to kick in. The engines reached full turbocharged speed and we headed down the runway.  About half way down the runway, the plane rotated as I lifted the nose gear. Normally, the plane keeps accelerating and then begins a climb. However, this time, it never accelerated. One more try and we were running out of runway. I realized we would not make it and turned the plane away from the large trees toward the smaller bushes while the co-pilot pulled down the throttles to idle. At that moment we entered the trees with a large crash.

One second later, only quiet. We could smell the gasoline everywhere. We looked at each other in unbelief. Not a single injury or scratch. While the copilot opened the cabin door I turned off the master switch to avoid a fire. Both of us were out of the plane before any of the other missionaries could reach us. There were puddles of gas everywhere. Tremendous peace filled my soul as I realized God had intervened to preserve our life. An explosion and a large ball of fire should have been the result. It was the second time in my life I had gone through such a life threatening plane accident, one as a passenger and now as a pilot after 40 years of flying. The copilot, not a church member, said this was his fifth. Only later I realized how frightening it must have been to face death unprepared.

The world is not ready for what is about to happen. Most of God’s children are not ready either. We must be awake and ready at ALL times. Things can change so fast. Having lived seven years in Venezuela, I personally experienced the changes that turned that prosperous country into a nation of hungry people where fleeing the country appears to be the only solution to find 3 meals a day.  The terrible loss of our mission pilot, his wife and our school director when our mission plane was hijacked only added to the pain.

Today, as I travel across the Americas and Caribbean, I can see that other countries are also wrestling with similar social and economic issues.  In some countries, laws are being enacted to complicate or eliminate humanitarian work. Déjà vu. I already experienced this before and know what is coming tomorrow. I am determined to do everything I can do today because the night cometh when no man can work. I thank God for his constant protection and provision. The angels are yet holding the winds of strife for which I am so grateful.  As I work I pray, pray, pray and thank God for all of you holding us up in prayer.  Each of us have an important part in God’s work.

“Every member of the body of Christ must act his part in the cause of God, according to the ability that God has given him. We must press together against obstructions and difficulties, shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart.”—ChS 75.

May God’s peace and joy, protect and keep you every day. There is no greater peace than knowing you are exactly where God wants you.

From the Frontlines,

Uncle David


Frontlines Mission News

 KIMBIA Missionary Academy, Guyana
The Re-Opening of a Missionary Training School

Kimbia is a technical school that was started in 1997 when our Director Mr. Winston James made a visit to the SDA church there. He met the first elder Mr. John Macedo and was shown around. Bro James had a vision to start a Secondary School there. He asked Bro Macedo, who offered a piece of property to him with the note that as long as he was serious the land is his.

Director James rushed back to Georgetown to share his findings with Uncle David Gates. They boarded a 2-seater plane and headed for the private airstrip in Ebini. The school was built through sending funds to Mr. Macedo to pay workers to build the school after the specifications given them by Uncle David.

Under the leadership of Warren & Jodi McDaniels the school assisted the young people with secondary education along with special skills that would be a useful trade that they can fall back on. The school was closed due to our administrator migrating to his own mission field and the school fell into disrepair and closed in 2013.

Acronym of the School landscape

The following will show you pictures of before repairs started and after repairs. There are still a great need for funding for the windows, guttering, plumbing and maintenance.

LEFT – Boarding house 1

RIGHT – Progress of lawn maintenance.

Repairing of building and replacement of rotting windows and steps

School building needing windows, guttering and repairs, besides beams and water tower needing repairs too. Also, since we don’t have a runway yet, our little boat that moves us around needs an engine. Repairs and painting have been done and it’s ready for its use.

Cleaning the Library for it use.

LEFT -Our little boat needs an engine.
RIGHT – One of the classrooms has been cleaned up. 

LEFT – White house and main house still in repairs.
RIGHT – Landscape cleaned up. 

30.4 Acres are in need of fencing! We were blessed to be given the opportunity to secure the 20 acres of land at the back of the our current 10.4 acres. It will be surveyed next month.

It must be fenced, since that area is covenant land for raising animals, however we are allowed as long as we promise to fence the entire area to ensure safety.

KMA Garden landscape.

KMA School with the lawnmower trimming the grass.

We need windows and doors, roofing materials and paints to continue the restoration process.

We have a Bolivian family in to assist with repairs and painting of the buildings. The Zabala Family who alone has being doing the repairs of the school. 


  • We have great need of food to feed the missionaries in Kimbia  per person for the month.
  • Funds for aviation fuel to fly the missionaries and food into the jungle and for medevac’s from the jungle, (which service we provide free of cost to the Interior and patients, but costs us $300 USD per flight. 
  • We are in the process of building our own Air Strip because we have to travel 1 hour by boat to get ta privately owned airstrip. Having our own airstrip would mean that, we will be 5 minutes away from the school.
  • We also are in need of an engine for the boat. We also need inverters, batteries and solar paneling so as to provide electricity to the school. The inverters and batteries were stolen from the school.
  • We are aiming to fence the entire property for added security, for complete repairs and installations.  I know this is a tall hill to climb, but every journey begins with one step.
  • We are also in need of Technical Teachers to teach various trades such as Carpentry, Tailoring/Sewing, craft work, Needle work, Engineering and any other trade that we could possibly offer the students for a wider variety of skills.

There’s nothing too big for God. He will get his work done. He will provide the resources. If you feel moved to make a donation to this project, please contact GMI at: 1 423 473 1841 and label your donation Kimbia Missionary Academy School Rebuilding Fund.

Praise God for your prayers.

Bolivians Antonio Zabala and his Wife Nora painted the logo of the school. These Missionaries helped us doing repairs and clearing for the entire school. Antonio, Nora, Ezekiel, and Ansel Zabala.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Valerie Jones
Flight Base Manager & Personal Assistant to the President

Phone/Email: +5926088783 | valjones99@gmail.com

Blog: https://projectsofgamas.com/2018/11/09/project-kimbia/

Facebook: GAMAS Projects and Missionary Work in the Interiors of Guyana


New Volunteer Missionary

Valerie Jones

I was born in Montserrat West Indies and relocated to England after the volcano destroyed my home.  After 16 years in England, my desire was to return to the Caribbean which I missed greatly.  With my home in Montserrat destroyed, I relocated to St Martin which was like second home to me.

After a near-death Experience with the volcano in my homeland Montserrat, I migrated to England. I had lost my house and belongings to the Volcano, so this was a fresh start for me. Two years later, I bought my second house and was grateful to God who had provided shelter yet again. I was so happy with my new start. I spent much money and time in decorating my house to make it comfortable.

I layed down in my bed one day looking up into the ceiling…I thought ‘how beautiful the crystal chandeliers looked, how far I have come!’ I thought ‘What else do I need? I have everything!’. Just then it struck me. “All is vanity and vexation of spirit” I said the LORD, ‘I would give all of this up just to live a simple life’, with money comes insecurity. I also thought, ‘what an unfaithful steward I was…instead of basking in the blessings of God, I should be sharing it’ I told God that I wanted to work for him.  

I moved back to St Martin in the Caribbean and began doing my Medical Missionary Training. I then went into Canvassing and began making Natural Remedies. I watch God work another miracle in my life; supporting me in a time and place where much difficulty was facing me. 

I’ve watched Uncle David’s YouTube Videos for years. One day I was watching one where he was saying that God wants us all to be missionaries. I decided that since I already have my MMT Certificate, that I needed to take the plunge. I started selling my household stuff, selling my clothes…more -or-less shedding for the move. I booked my flight for 6TH Sept. 2017. I packed and was awaiting my flight date. Everyone including my daughter thought I was making the biggest mistake in life.

The next video I watched of Uncle David, he was telling the story of this man that had a vision where he walked up to heaven’s gate and heard the Angel saying left, right, left. When he got to the angel the angel said, left, you are almost saved. God told you to move to the country. The man awoke and thought that God gave him a second chance. However, sometime later the wife had a dream and was told that they are still disobeying because they are still in the city. 

A hurricane destroyed the Island on the same date that I was supposed to leave for the mission field. Had I stayed, it would have taken a while before getting to Guyana. St Martin was demolished and the airport took months to rebuild.

A thought came to me, ‘why wait? I should move now!’ I moved my flight up to the 16th August. Had to pay for changing my flight, but I thought obedience is worth anything. I flew to Guyana, arriving the 17th August. All my personal belongings were left behind to follow via a shipping agent. The 6th of Sept, the date I was supposed to travel, hurricane Irma destroyed the Island and no one could leave the Island. That shocked me. I was thinking, what if I had waited? I lost my barrels in a sense. I received them, but had to throw away my clothes and personal items because of the water-damage to my barrels.

I praise God because I could have lost my life, as some did on the Island or could have been stuck on the Island, had I not obeyed the promptings of the Lord.  

I have now made up my mind to be a missionary for life. I feel settled working for the Lord. I wish I had made that step earlier, but God knows best. My family now feel that I’ve made the best decision yet. The fact that the Hurricane came the same day I was to travel and how the Lord delivered me has caused them to change their minds about the step I took.

I started my little garden which I maintained early mornings and late evenings.

Garden planted and fence painted.

I came here to work at Bethany Medical Missionary College (BMM), but my first placement was at Siparuta. Though my intended mission was to teach Natural Remedies at the Medical Missionary College in Bethany but was asked to work at Flight Base in Guyana. I never liked leadership positions however I wanted to serve the LORD in whatever capacity he wanted me to serve.  I settled into Managerial position of Admin and Finance, they needed someone to stay at Flight base and they felt that I was good fit for the Job, since I did some admin work for Richard Lawrence when I got there. I loved gardening, so I started my little garden which I maintained early mornings and late evenings.

Siparuta was my first placement, picture I was accompanied by other missionaries though only Diego Antonio, (second from left) was the only one who was to be with me at Siparuta.

I also support by hosting pilots and missionaries coming through Flight Base.

My duties includes catering to the needs of the various projects, to assist missionaries in transitioning to their various projects, filing all financial reports and other businesses of Guyana Adventist Ministries and Services (GAMAS).

I assist in transporting speakers. In this case Mr. Shanniel Fisher from Interim Inter-America Director of LIGHT Ministries.

I also visit the various projects to have an idea of what the needs are or just spending time with the missionaries.

I enjoy working for the LORD. Though at times there are difficulties, it is one of the most rewarding, knowing that I am working for the LORD and others, helping to hasten his coming.

My aim and desire is to help to finish the work of the LORD and be ready to meet him in Glory.  Pray for us as we do the same for you.


Ms Valerie Jones
Admin/Finance Manager/Flight Coordinator

Tel: +5926088783


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