October 2018 Tsushima Volunteer Mission Report

Young American Missionary Volunteer Comes to Tsushima Island Japan

Konnichi wa everyone, (Konnichi wa means hello in Japanese).  How are you doing? I hope you are doing well with your family by the grace of our Lord.

Thank you so much for praying and supporting for our ministry to be able to keep working in Tsushima island to spread the Gospel.
I have some very good news. A month ago, we had a volunteer, young American missionary, come to help our missionary work here. His name is Josiah and he is from Tennessee. He is 25 years old very handsome missionary. He helps out with English classes for children and adults every week and with our nature school. He also helps our Adventist tract distribution work every week with me. Even though he dose not understand Japanese well yet, he always smiles and be kind to local island people here and he often plays with our school children outside and they love him very, very, much.  I am very glad to work with him because He is giving a great influences to those who meets him in Tsushima even though my brain gets tired easily to speak with him in English everyday and translate into Japanese to local people whom we meet.
Now since he came here, he has been writing a blog about our nature school and Japanese life style and so on. So if you are interested in reading his blog, please click the URL below.
Our nature school
His experience in Japan 
We are praying to God that He continues to send wonderful American missionaries like him in Japan even after Josiah leaves here. Please pray for us.
Kimi Kurihara
Tsushima island volunteer mission


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