Uncle David’s 3rd Quarter Frontlines Report


Uncle David’s Message

Dominican Republic Radio Project

We went to Dominican Republic because there’s a great need and insistence from the brethren that we should have a Radio Station there. And there is one for sale! There are 2 AM’s for sale and 1 FM for sale as well. We decided that AM is the best because one station covers to the whole country.

Some people said that FM is listened to more than to AM, but then you have to get a license for every city, and it is a long process to add more and more cities. First of all, the AM is not in great demand. Secondly, when people want to find the truth, they know where to go; when you’re looking for truth with one station you can find it! Also, the AM doesn’t affect the local market because it has a broad range.

We talked to the man whose father bought the radio station to establish a payment plan. In the history of Dominican Rep. the station was used as an opposition of the government to discuss liberty and it has a history of being “The Voice of the People” for a long time. Then, it became a religious station for many years and now is for sale. In order for them to continue the license, they need to continue to broadcast or lose the license.

Since we have so many projects, I didn’t want to get involved in another one, so I suggested that if there was a group of people who could get involved I would be willing to come and discuss it. One of the big problems in that country is that there are many divided groups; some have been disfellowshipped, some are in reform, others left for mistreatment – but when we did “Batallas de Fe” (Battles of Faith) all of them came to be under one umbrella. “Let’s forget the differences” they said, “Let’s all worship together”. So, there was a unity pulling together. Now, they have a common mission – “Forget the opposition, let’s focus on the mission!” People say, “Let’s take whatever it takes, and let’s do what we need to do!”

People knew I was in the country. But, we didn’t announce the meeting until Friday night. A friend has an hour program every week on channel 4, which is a government channel. We decided to announce the meeting on this channel. We recorded 2 videos, talking about the upcoming economic crisis, social, family crisis, spiritual crisis, etc. The director of the channel was listening and when we finished recording he ran over and said: “This has to be put on the air multiple times”.

I mentioned about the financial manager of the pope’s family. For 30 years she was the financial officer of the family in Argentina. She was working at the Federal Reserved when I met her. There she was managing and transferring billions of dollars every day between countries, from governments, rich families, etc. She is the best friend of the pope’s sister. She asked me a question: “Why does the Vatican and the Federal Reserve want to destroy the world’s economy? Why? I thought we were working to build the economy? But everything they do is to destroy the economy?” So we said to her, “If you really want to know, read the Great Controversy”. She read it in one day! She was so engrossed in what she was reading that missed her flight that day and had to make arrangements for the next flight. The second video we did, we were talking about spiritual things, my hijacking, and my story on how you can trust in God.

In the meeting we had about 500 to 700 people that came. A couple of brothers sang. We had invited them to Bolivia but they were not able to come. But they said: “We’ll come to every meeting you have”. Their father is a singer for the world. He’s not an Adventist but is well-to-do and he said: “I will pay for your tickets to go to anywhere, anytime as long as it is for God! But if you start singing for the world, forget it! I’m done supporting you!” All he does is to sing for the world but, his two sons sing together and it is a wonderful heavenly music!

We also had a flute player. He played the flute when we came for Batallas de Fe. He worked at an Adventist School, and they told him that if he played at the event, he would be fired! And he said to me “I will lose my job if I play for you” “Well it’s up to you” I said, “Just remember one thing, if you let them force you now they will continue to tie the noose on you! And they will try to control your conscious. They will threaten you to do what they say. But if you feel convicted to play, the pressure is over. They will realize they can’t control you. And if God allows you to be fired, then God has another job for you! But then you’re free, they cannot force you. But if you bend, they will tighten and tighten and eventually you’ll have to break away anyway.”

So, he played his flute and he was promptly fired and later he got another job at another school that pays much more! They came back and asked him: “Can you come back?” and he said “I already got another job, thank you!” So, he was there and played the flute the whole time! And he’s very happy and said “I love freedom! Nobody threatens me anymore!” You have to establish your fact. If you turn and run when the dogs bark, then they attack! But if you face the dogs, then they back-off! So, he faced them and played the flute. That’s the secret of FREEDOM! Go straight and don’t bend to pressure.

At the meeting, we handed out forms, asking people to write down their talents and skills so we could make a database. There was also a place for people to make pledges. We got around 400 sheets back. The cost of the station with all the equipment, antenna and license is $240,000. In one night we got nearly $40,000 in pledges.

We ask that you keep this project in your prayers. We are thinking of renting the station in the meantime and get it outside the city. We need God’s guidance in this matter. Our great desire is that many souls will be reached for God’s Kingdom.

From the Frontlines,

Uncle David


Frontlines Mission News

(Guyana Adventist Ministries and Services)

Historical Review and Present Status

In 1996 Pastor David Gates and his family moved by faith deep into Guyana to be missionaries. Prior to that, they had been working for the Seventh-Day Adventist church in different countries for many years as missionaries, but always had a paycheck to fall back on. They went to live in a little village named Kaikan and began serving the natives by giving free health services. God took care of their needs as they served others for free.

After some time, other villages requested their help, but there was a problem. The villages were very far apart.  Between the mountains and jungles, it would take days or weeks to travel between them. So, Pastor Gates who is also a pilot and mechanic boldly asked God for an airplane. He went back to the United States and through incredible providential intervention was able to acquire a small used airplane. He spent one year repairing it and finally the plane was ready for Guyana. It was in this way that an aviation charity organization began that would later expand to many countries.

Students and Staff from Paruima Mission Academy

He flew the plane to Guyana and for the next four years, he was quite busy transporting patients for free to the capital. During that time, he also saw a need to build a school based on Christian principles in a village called Paruima. There, Bible classes would be given for Bible workers by the late Dr. Sheila Robertson. The small airplane was instrumental in making this dream a reality since he had to transport fuel and food to the builders because there are no roads there. The school was finally constructed and later other schools were built in various parts of Guyana with the help of volunteers from different countries. As a result of the Bible school, volunteers were trained and went into the fields to spread the gospel.

LEFT – Flying to kimbia with volunteers Jacob and Antonio along with supplies

RIGHT – Flying to Kaikan with volunteer Pastor Gideon and supplies

After a few years he received an invitation from Venezuela to do the same kind of project there. He accepted the invitation but the project in Guyana would be left unattended. Then Gary Roberts and his wife came to continue the work which Pr. David had started. Gary Roberts and his wife served for some years and was miraculously survived a crash during one of his flights. After Gary Roberts came Jim Craig, Gary Lewis and Pastor/ Pilot James Ash successively. Each of these stalwarts did their part to continue the work of service in Guyana.

Presently, as a result of GAMAS, four schools have been established throughout the years resulting in the training of more missionaries for God’s kingdom. I am one of those missionaries that was trained in the school in Paruima and later in Bethany. After several years of flight training in Bolivia and one year in Guyana, I was finally checked out in December of 2017 and I am now the GAMAS mission pilot in Guyana. There are three more pilots who need to be checked out in order to expand the work in Guyana. We currently have three airplanes but only one is working. The other two airplanes need repairs. One is being overhauled in the US.

Flying the body of deceased woman and bereaved husband with co-pilot Daniel Baquero

With God’s help we plan to station a pilot in south Guyana to expand the work of the gospel. Daniel Baquero (one or our pilots) and his wife are willing to go there. He is almost checked out and the airplane is almost ready as well.

LEFT – With Pastor Gideon from PNG. Flying a young lady with appendicitis.

RIGHT – Transporting supplies to Kimbia with volunteer Antonio Zabala from Bolivia.

God has tremendously blessed our efforts throughout the years. We would like to thank all who have supported the ministry until now. We continue to press forward and plan to reach areas where the advent message is not present. We enter by being kind in providing free flights for patients in serious conditions. We also transport Bible workers and Pastors employed by the local conference to their mission stations as well as our own volunteer missionaries. We also transport supplies for our missionaries for free when able. We will continue working depending on God to supply our needs. He has never failed us because it is His work. Thank you for taking part in this great commission through your prayers and financial support. Very soon we will not be able to do what we’re doing now when the religious liberties are restricted as prophesied in the Bible. May God help us “to die daily” and be faithful so we can be saved at last.

At Paramakatoi, Guyana. Crowds gather to see the body of the deceased woman.

Zuzinzinc, Edwin and Chris dismantling the engine to be sent to the US. Chris is our pilot/mechanic who has been helping us a lot. In the center is Edwin Davidson who is volunteering at Paruima Mission Academy. On the left is brother Zuzincin from the Czech Republic.


1. Flight expenses for medevacs and fuel to fly missionary supplies

2. Airplane oil expenses

3. Expenses to build rooms for family accommodation

4. Family needs Expenses

5. Airplane maintenance cost to get the 2 inactive airplanes flying

Visit our page in Facebook as GAMAS AVIATION for information about our activities. You can also visit “Guyana Indigenous Aviation” in Google.

(Front Right) Valerie Jones: Finance Administrator. (Front Left) Harry Simbo: Driver. (Middle  Right) Lincoln Gomez, pilot, GAMAS Director. (Middle Center) Daniel Baquero, pilot. (Middle Left) Abigail Baquero, Assistant Finance Administrator. (Far back) Joel Paton, Kimbia volunteer

God Bless

Lincoln Gomez
Pilot/Director of GAMAS


Project Update: Bella Vista, Mexico 

Dr. Guillermo Gris Progress Update

One of the projects in southern Mexico that GMI supports is in Bella Vista, Mexico. In October 2017, we published that Dr. Guillermo Gris had an accident during one of the remodeling constructions for the institution/clinic. He was paralyzed after a terrible headlong fall onto a concrete floor while repairing a roof. Several of our concerned supporters and readers have asked us about his progress and healing. With the collaboration of Fred Adams from MPI (Mission Projects Inc.), we are thankfully able to publish this story and his progression.

Dr. Gris continues improving very slowly. He is now able to sit up longer and feed himself

After many months of complications due to incompetent medical care and surgeries, Dr. Gris is slowly regaining his health and mobility. He has had to deal with punctured lung problems, pressure sores which are slowly healing, and now after nine months since his accident, rebuilding his upper body strength. 

He is now able to speak in church and give small-group Bible Studies

Dr. Gris examines a patient

As a quadriplegic myself, I have sent him links to video clips of how to do range-of-motion exercises to keep his legs flexible, as well as how I move around on the bed and transfer into my wheelchair among other things that have helped me.

Using this hydraulic hoist, Dr. Gris can be moved from his bed to other locations for water treatments and floor exercises.

He is able to walk around the campus in his mechanical wheelchair

Thanks to your generosity, Dr. Gris has paid off his medical debts and acquired some needed medical equipment for his recovery.  Funds are still needed to get a LEVO standing wheelchair in order for him to be able to resume performing surgeries.

Fred Adams

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