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Quick Update

Quick update.

Missionary Minnie greets a patient at the couseling-literature booth at a medical mission in Mayoyao

Tracts of Hope

Last Sabbath we enjoyed participating in the world wide “Hope Impact” literature distribution program for the second year in a row.

Watch the New Bethel Children’s Video

Here’s a video that shows why we started the evening schools, and then takes us on a surprise visit to the first one started.

Nace nueva Red de Televisión en Malasia

Nace nueva Red de Televisión en Malasia

Search Update 10/10/2011

As you know, we have been working on the search for Bob and Neiba Norton and their passengers, Gladys Zerpa, Flora Mujica and her daughter Juli andPau

Next Trip to Venezuela

The search for Bob Norton and the others who went missing in the jungles of Venezuela on Feb 16, 2009 continues on (see www.findingbobnorton.

more pictures 3 of 3

Last batch of pictures.

more pictures 2 of 3

Here are a few more pictures to accompany the latest letter we sent out.

6 Congos, Which One?

A Three Part Story Part 1: 6 Congos, Which One? Part 2: In Congo 4 Part 3: Getting Back Home September 2011 Part 1: 6 Congos, Which One? &quo


En Guayaramerín El pasado 30 de agosto del presente año, un fuego devastó siete de las casas del internado de la Escuela Técnica Richard Gates, ub