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St. Helena, CA FaithCamp Was a Blessed Time (Edited)

FaithCamp Lite in St.

FaithCamp Garden Grove was Fantastic!

Our first FaithCamp in Southern California was a wonderful experience with full evidence of the Holy Spirit present and leading in a powerful way.

“If Only”

“I can’t believe i’m still here! This is not what I was planning on” I think as I sit in a car in downtown Nairobi.


Summer Escapades

Dear Friends and Family, We are writing to you from cool and beautiful Montana! We’re enjoying our time in the States very much.

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Pilotos misioneros terminaron maratón

El pasado domingo 3 de junio, el Presidente de Gospel Ministries Internacional, Pr.

Informe Misionero del Frente de Batalla

Del Púlpito hasta las líneas delanteras “Querido Señor,” estuve orando.