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St. Helena, CA FaithCamp Was a Blessed Time (Edited)

FaithCamp Lite in St. Helena was a beautiful and wonderful time where we sensed the Spirit moving in powerful ways through the messages and it was encouraging to see the response. People came from all over, one person even flying in from San Jose in his airplane. We had a Q&A Sabbath Evening and it […]

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FaithCamp Garden Grove was Fantastic!

Our first FaithCamp in Southern California was a wonderful experience with full evidence of the Holy Spirit present and leading in a powerful way. People were hungry and open to the message of living by Faith and trusting in our Omnipotent God for our needs as we work to serve Him through “the least of […]

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“If Only”

“I can’t believe i’m still here! This is not what I was planning on” I think as I sit in a car in downtown Nairobi. The driver begins driving to pick up the Elder… I think back to when I first arrived in Kenya. I met Gary and …

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Summer Escapades

Dear Friends and Family,
We are writing to you from cool and beautiful Montana! We’re enjoying our time in the States very much. We have loved seeing many of you and we’re sad to have missed others of you in our quick stops throughout the country. We have shared our stories and […]

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Pilotos misioneros terminaron maratón

El pasado domingo 3 de junio, el Presidente de Gospel Ministries Internacional, Pr. David Gates junto a su esposa Becky Gates participaron en una media maratón en el estado de San Diego de los Estados Unidos, donde corrieron alrededor de 21 km. Con esto demostraron el buen estado físico en el que ambos se encuentran, […]

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Informe Misionero del Frente de Batalla

Del Púlpito hasta las líneas delanteras “Querido Señor,” estuve orando. “Por diéz años ya he estado predicando constantemente en paises alrededor del mundo, despertando tu pueblo y animándolos a trabajar por tí. Tú me haz utilizado misericordiosamente para llevar a cabo mucha obra y me haz dado cientos de voluntarios que trabajan a mi lado. […]

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