Monthly Archives: November 2013

How is your Faith?

I never once doubt HIS divine providence although financially we’re experiencing a long drought. But like you said…

Relief and Medical Outreach Panay

It has been a very fruitful weekend for relief /recovery work for northern Panay by the RiverView SDA church, ACS, as well as by PAMAS and HCBN volunt

Guyana Mission Report: A Few Close Calls

Over the last few weeks, it seems like we’ve had an uncharacteristic amount of “close calls”.

Update On Typhoon Haiyan Recovery Work

Dear Friends, As we speak, the weather on the areas affected by STY Haiyan are now under a “Tropical Easterly Wave”.

Breakfast With JFK

Fifty years ago this past Friday I ate breakfast with then President John F Kennedy three hours before he was assassinated.

From Richard Carrera to David & Becky Gates

Hi Mommy and Daddy, You won’t believe the troubles and blessings we have had getting Arturo and Tania tickets to travel!

Africa Aviation Ministry: Progress and Delays

Many of you are wondering where we are and what we are doing. Here is a much-delayed update.

Korea Media Missions

Korea Media Missions is active in media mnistry in Korea

Bolivia Industrial School 2013 Brochure

Christ’s life was ever one of giving, and we believe that “the privilege of fellowship with Christ in service” is “the only training that impa

PAMAS News: Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan

Looking below at town after town completely destroyed by winds and flooding makes us shake our heads in disbelief.