Bible/SOP One Year Reading Program

Dear Friends,

A friend just sent me this one year Bible and SOP reading program that they adapted and have been following for many years now. It goes back and forth between the old and new testament and the SOP books go along with what you read. It seems to be done well and is easy to use. Its a wonderful devotional plan. It takes about 20-40 minutes a day. I am excited about it. I already followed it for two days now and have already been blessed. I just had to share it with you!

I'm attaching the pdf and the spreadsheet in case you want to adapt it to your own liking.

Bible / Spirit of Prophecy - 1 Year Reading Plan

Reading Plan PDF File (738 kb)

Reading Plan XLS File - For Microsoft Excel (97 kb)

Maybe you know someone who might be blessed by this. Share it freely!

Here are the 8 SOP books included in the readings (you can find them easily online):
MB--Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing
COL--Christ's Object Lessons
PK-- Prophets and Kings
AA--Acts of the Apostles
PP--Patriarchs and Prophets
DA--Desire of Ages
SC--Steps to Christ
GC--Great Controversy

Wendy Harris
Philippine Adventist Medical Aviation Services (PAMAS)

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