Uncle David’s November Frontlines Mission Report

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Uncle David’s Message

You were almost saved – By David Gates

“I dreamed a dream so real, it was as real as me sitting here today,” Marco explained to me last week while I was in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He said, “I was in a long, wide line of people, about 5 or 6 people abreast. As we advanced, we came to a man standing at the crossroads facing us. To the majority he motioned to go to his left. Now and then he would send a solitary person to his right. When my turn came he motioned for me to go to his left. Immediately I began to worry, Why was I sent to his left with the large majority,” he asked himself. “This means I will be lost. How is it that I will be lost?”

Immediately an angel responded to his unspoken question. “You were almost saved.” “Almost saved? What caused me to be lost?” The angel responded once again. “Because you were careless on the small details.” Marco thought to himself, “Oh how I wish I could go back and care for those many small details. Imagine losing eternal life because I was careless on the small details.” 

Immediately the angel spoke to him again and answered his thoughts, “God has granted your request. You will be given a second chance.” “Immediately I awoke,” Marco told me. “I was so happy it was only a dream, and I determined from now on that I will care for the small details because I now know that God is interested in the small details.” 

Marco’s wife just had a very vivid dream in August. In that dream an angel made it clear that they were to quickly obey his instructions about country living and expected them to obey promptly. Marco and his wife have sold their home in the city and are even now moving to the country. “What He says is important and He means what He says. So we are obeying.” 

I hope you have been blessed and encouraged to pay attention to the small details of what God has told us to do. I am praying that God will help me to be obedient in many small details as well.

From the front lines,
Uncle David

Frontlines Mission News

Putting my Feet in the Water – By James Ash

Last year, about twenty Southern Adventist University medical students were planning a missionary outreach up the Berbice River in Guyana.  The team of new students needed an advanced practice individual to oversee them and they asked my wife Joy to accompany them since she was a Nurse Practitioner. 

I was enthusiastic about the trip from the beginning.  However, I did have some concerns that worried me. “What if something bad should happen?” The closest airstrip to Kimbia Village, our base of operations, was over thirty minutes away by speedboat.  “What if an emergency happened and I couldn’t get to the airplane immediately?”

After much prayer, we decided that the benefits outweighed the drawbacks and we took the plunge.  It was a beautiful opportunity and my family and I were privileged to participate in this outreach.  

The trip turned out to be a tremendous success.  In the end, the team decided to divide into two separate groups in order to reach more villages during the two short weeks.  Yet during these short weeks, we encountered no less than four emergencies requiring the airplane.  

In one critical situation, a mother brought her sick baby to the clinic and Joy realized that the baby needed to be taken to the hospital immediately.  However, without the use of the airplane, and with no money to charter a speedboat, the mother simply went home. This really bothered me.  

I wandered down to our school’s dock on the Berbice River and stared up and down the river trying to come up with a good solution.  It was then that I determined that we simply must get an amphibious aircraft to meet the medical needs of Guyana’s river communities.

So, two weeks ago I flew commercially to Orlando, Florida and drove 45 minutes to Winter Haven to get my Single Engine Sea Plane Rating.  The course lasted two and a half days and it was one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done in aviation!  Where does that leave us now? We’ve got one foot in the Berbice River already.  Now it’s time to put the other foot in the water by searching for the right amphibious airplane.  Thank you for your faithful prayers and support as we move forward for Christ in Guyana’s river communities.

If you’d like to be part of this project, please send your gift or donations to GAMAS/Sea Plane.

Fall Creek Falls Retreat – By Erika Galligani

GMI’s retreat this year was at Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee.  The park is a beautiful place that has waterfalls and hiking trails.  The night before the retreat, my two little girls hopped into mommy and daddy’s bed because they couldn’t wait for “church in the park”.

Very early on Sabbath morning, many of us greeted each other with a Sabbath hug and we got into our vehicles forming a caravan to Fall Creek Falls from the GMI headquarter offices. 

It was a wonderful Christ centered meeting.  We felt enriched by the messages presented by Uncle David, Randy Moeller and James Ash. We were also blessed with many musical talents among the families of GMI Tennessee. Some participated by leading song service while others held a worship concert. 

The afternoon was filled with a Bible activity game, testimonies, a sermon, and supper. Even though this event was meant only for the GMI staff and volunteers, later in the afternoon we had a few unexpected visitors from Wildwood, which is a Medical Missionary/Evangelism/Lifestyle Center in Georgia. Even though they only spent half the day with us, they too felt blessed and happy to be there!

Later in the evening we were very tired but happy because the event was such a blessing to all of us! Thank you to the attendees and helpers who made this event successful!

ASDEIH PERU – By Aholiab Lozano Almanza

We are ASDEIH PERU (Association for Integral Humanitarian Development Peru), a project born in the Amazon rainforest of Peru just like the Amazon River itself. We are located in the city of Iquitos in the province of Loreto. This province is the largest in the country containing almost 30% of the national territory, but in turn, it is the least evangelized with the message of Revelation 14 because it takes days of travel on water ways to reach the farthest places. 

ASDEIH’s dream is to reach the most secluded places of our country’s jungle with the message of the Third Angel.  To do this, we are planning for a Missionary Institute in order to prepare young people and adults to plant the gospel message in the areas without an Adventist presence. For this objective, we are working towards having an air and river program to be able to transport the mission teams and resources needed. 

It’s almost been a year into this beautiful adventure for the Lord, and by His grace, He has allowed us to open a primary school for low-income children on the outskirts of Iquitos.  We already have all the permissions from the Peruvian State to be able to operate legally and this year we are finishing with 8 students. However, we are currently facing an issue in this upcoming year as we do not have the teachers to continue this sacred work of educating these young minds.  We are raising our prayers to heaven to be able to have volunteer teachers for 2017. 

On the other hand, we also need resources to continue building our primary school which is called ADVenir and also to start the construction of the Missionary Institute. We trust that our good God will touch the hearts of the people that He knows will be willing to support this work which is starting in our part of South America.

Aholiab Lozano Almanza (ASDEIH Peru Director)

Our website is http://www.asdeih.pe/ 

Our Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ASDEIH/ 

Our e-mail is asdeihperu@gmail.com or ala_17@hotmail.com 

New GMI Volunteers

Our Story – By Erika Galligani

My name is Erkia Galligani. My wonderful husband, Jossef, and I have three lovely daughters: Keila, Bella and Ellie. In December, 2008, the Lord led us out of Southern California, where we have never ventured in the past, to the state of Missouri.  The Lord impressed us to move and we felt the Lord’s prominent hand had opened a way for us.  Looking back, He isolated us from both of our families and comfort zones so that we could draw nearer to Him. The Lord was refining us for the 7 years we were there. 

In November 2014, my mother-in-law urged us to listen to a sermon by Pastor David Gates. We had never listened to him before. We were insouciant Adventists, giving more attention to the physical and emotional needs than to what our family needed most, the spiritual. We were astonished to hear and later verify, with the bible and Spirit of Prophecy, so many truths. The Lord continued to lead us to listen to more sermons from Pastor David as well as others such as: Jeremiah Davis, Brother Mason Moses and Brother Elden Bridges. 

We both prayed to be led wherever the Lord wanted to send us; whether moving outside of the cities or into the mission field. We began packing and praying for several months not knowing where we were going to go. In faith we had also spoken to a realtor and begun the process of getting the house ready to sell. Jossef’s fear of spiders, especially tarantulas, delayed his decision to commit to the Lord completely. Then one day he realized the need of full surrender to the Lord. 

Jossef follows Pastor David on twitter and had received a tweet early 2016, that David would be speaking in Tennessee. After personal morning devotion on Friday, my husband had an emergency family meeting and announced that the Lord had impressed him for us to go listen to Pastor David in Tennessee. We had less than 1.5hrs to get dressed, pack, and leave in order to make it on time for the first meeting. While packing the van, the Lord impressed me that we would know exactly where we would move to that weekend. 

The 7-8 hour drive was not easy with a 2 and 3 year old. Ellie, our 2 year old daughter, got car sick and vomited three times. We contemplated going back home several times. We didn’t make it for the Friday vespers service but we were there on Sabbath. We patiently waited our turn as many other brethren also wanted to speak with Pastor David. 

During our conversation with him I noticed something odd to me. Pastor David was asking Jossef what his skill set was and if he ever considered ministerial work. Somehow, the conversation which began as encouragement and gratitude became an appointment with Pastor David first thing on Sunday morning. We met at the GMI Tennessee office and Jossef was offered to join the GMI family. 

Our solemn drive back home was filled with long intervals of silent prayer as we contemplated all the events. We both agreed to pray for guidance and ask for the Lord’s leading individually and only to share the Lord’s guiding when we both had received an answer. 

One afternoon as I was praying, while cleaning the kitchen, the Lord impressed me that we should join the GMI family. The Lord then asked, “Will you divorce Jossef if he chooses not to go?” Startled by the question I answered, “Lord, I don’t know how I will be able to survive as a missionary alone with three children, but I will go where You want me to go, with or without my husband.” 

For a few days, I kept this to myself while I prayed over Jossef. Thankfully, it was only a few days later when Jossef received confirmation from the Lord to move forward by joining the GMI family. I am grateful for a God-fearing husband. Since June 2016 we are and have been serving with GMI in Tennessee and Jossef is now serving as the Director of FrontLines TV.

Jossef & Erkia Galligani

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