Familia Feliz August 2012

Familia Feliz Newsletter August 2012

Dear Friends,

This is Leanne Harding reporting in after a lapse of several months in which you haven’t heard from either Dave or me!  This past year has been a very traumatic one.  My mother had been fighting with leukemia and I actually spent 5 months with her in CA while Dave was at Familia Feliz.  It appeared that things were under control and I returned to Familia Feliz, but in November we were told that the end could be any time. Thankfully Dave and I were able to spend 10 days with her before she passed away Dec 30. My father not only lost his wife of almost 60 years, but he has some major health issues as well.  Due to my father’s poor health as well as Dave needing to recover from several major illnesses that he had contracted while at the school, we decided it best to stay in Canada for the time being.  Our hearts are still VERY much with our family and friends there in Bolivia, and if at any time God indicates that it is time for us to return, we are ready!

And so what has been happening at Familia Felliz?  It is amazing how God is able to turn difficulties and grief into something positive.  Our younger daughter, Joy, had been at Familia Feliz almost 2 years when we had to leave.  She had been a tremendous help, but no one, including Joy, realized her full potential.  When we left she “stepped up to the plate” and took over a major part of the day to day administration.  Missy and her family are there as well, but as you have seen from the past news letters, Missy has been more than busy caring for her family, the two very sick children, and many extras as well as spending major amounts of time doing the enormous amount of paper work required for the effective running of an institution.  Missy has been there as a sounding board, advisory committee, and support system!

I would like to share one of the last postings that Joy entered in Facebook.  I think it speaks for a lot of us!

Just ready to go to bed after a long day, when I heard screams coming from across campus.  Rebecca, an 8 year old girl living with us since last year was sitting in the doorway to her room screaming like she was being killed.  She has had a very difficult life, and came to us last year, nearly deaf.  Since then she has had some treatments for her ears and has recovered a lot of her hearing, but in a lot of ways she is still locked up in her own little world.  Her dad came to visit Sunday, and she has been having crying/screaming spells since.  She ended up staying with my sister (Missy) whom I was VERY thankful to have here, and I went home exhausted.  And praying, “How long God, ’til you come back?”  Everyday we are dealing with hurting kids, suffering from things that were never their fault.  I so want this to be over and go home…..Home to heaven where I will never have to see another child hurting, crying, or making bad choices because that is the way they were taught.  It makes my heart ache to see them struggle, makes me sad when I have to be the one hard on them when I just want to comfort them.  I am so looking forward to going home!

Someday Jesus is going to return and say to all of you who have given of your time, your  resources and your  prayers  to make a difference in these childrens’  lives,  “Inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these, My brethren,  you have done it unto Me.”   “I was lonely, hungry, hurting and you were there for Me.  Thank you!”

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