Seizing Opportunities by Faith


Uncle David’s December Frontline Report

Yesterday, while flying our mission plane 10 hours from Grenada to the US, I was reading about Jesus’ great sacrifice for us. Then I read about the deep poverty of the early church pioneers and the long hours of labor they endured just to survive and the sacrifices they made to advance God’s work.

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Uncle David’s Frontline Mission Report

Do you become easily discouraged by difficult circumstances or by a lack of resources? Consider who your Heavenly Father is, and how “He has placed all the treasures of heaven at our disposal.”

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Firstlight Broadcasting Newsletter

I am sure that as we watch the momentous prophetic events taking place in the present world, we can only exclaim:

‘What an amazing time to be working together in the Lord’s work!’

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ELDA MADAI MINISTRY Report (Spanish & English)

I was still sweeping in the bathroom with the door almost closed completely and suddenly heard a deafening gunshot! And then I heard things flying near the kitchen, instantly, Tania and Mary scream, made me realize that it was not a normal cry, i could hear fear and anxiety at the same time.

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365 Days of Blessings – GMI 2014 Newsletter

My dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

Earlier this year I was walking the main street of a jungle town in Peru. A young man walking past me suddenly stopped, backed up and tapped me on the shoulder.

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Familia Feliz Summer 2014 Newsletter

The Lord continues to bless us and work in our behalf here at Familia Feliz. His Goodness and Mercy never cease to amaze us and it is with the intent of thanking and praising Him for these blessings that we share this newsletter with you.

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